Highest Paid Nigerian CEOs, 2018 (per annum)

Yes the CEO does a lot and also earns a lot. In other words, it took chief executives only slightly longer than a day to out-earn an average worker’s yearly salary, says the AFL-CIO, a union group, which released its annual survey of executive pay on Tuesday. The average pay for CEOs in the S&P 500 was nearly $14 million last year, about 6% higher than 2016

In Nigeria the story is the same, the CEO carries the day for all his effort, especially in a competitive market like our. According report from BusineDay, here are highest paid CEOs in Nigeria

Highest Paid Nigerian CEOs, 2018 (per annum)

Wale Tinubu (Oando) – N568m
Augustine Avuru (Seplat) – N483m
Baker Magunda (Guinness) – N461m
Joseph Makoju (Dangote) – N429m
Segun Agbaje (GTB) – N384m
Yaw Nsarkoh (Unilever) – N330m

Always know you have opportunity to join this guy, but border about their pay just start something of your own and grow it, hence you have become your own boss

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