HOW TO SET UP AND OPERATE A CORPORATE CLEANING BUSINESS Make Money from Banks, Hotels, Hospitals, Corporate Organisations, Eateries, Construction Companies, Cleaning and Fumigating Residential Buildings, Offices, Estates, etc for Good Cash!

You may not know this but professional cleaning business a big business abroad and Nigeria is just beginning to tap into this huge money earning business with high potential right now.

How do I know this

I have a doctor friend who abandoned the practice of medicine, sitting in one room office attending to patient all day long for peanut to ply his trade in cleaning business, today he is a millionaire running his own cleaning outfit and doing jobs for banks, telecom companies and some oil servicing companies. And you know what? He started from one garage office.

Let us take a look at this...

Apart from the fact that every CEO knows that out sourcing the cleaning and management aspect of their office environment is key to maintaining a corporate brand, it is more convenient for him when others handles that aspect and he pays for it, hence corporate cleaning business is becoming a necessity.
Not only this, property maintenance has become a focal point for sustaining the value of houses and offices. With this, company owner can improve business prospects by keeping a good business environment and are ready to pay heavily for such services, hence creating doors of opportunity in the areas of professional and corporate cleaning services in the country.

You can make a lot of money from this business if you know how it is done. Whether commercial property, residential cleaning, event or after event cleaning, or indusrial cleaning, on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, money keeps rolling in once you adopt the right marketing strategy. The opportunities are so vast that more people are needed in the industry.

Areas Where You can Make Money Right Now

You can easily see uniform ladies and gents around the bank keeping the place tidy, you also try to wonder, are these people part of the bank staff, emphatically no! one individual, called a cleaning business enterprenuer is seating somewhere getting paid in millions while others are for working on his behalf for the bank. The same process goes for telecom or corporate eating centers. there is money in this stuff.

How do I get in there...

Very simply, you can start by just finding out from any of the vast areas, the aspect that may interest you and read on for details. The cleaning industry is wide and can churn out lots of money depending on your area of concentration. here are some areas to look at.

Professional cleaning of commercial houses, residences or apartments, janitorial services for organisations or private homes, maintenance cleaning for large or small offices, special cleaning done for move-ins and move-outs for corporate or private individuals, professional or commercial cleaning services for banks, stores, restaurants, and public areas; professional office cleaning, corporate or private event cleaning, indusrial cleaning, post-construction cleaning and, house and office maintainance services.

Other specialize commercial cleaning, commercial property cleaning, professional after renovation cleaning, before or after event or party cleanup, carpet and rug cleaning service, hardwood floor care and maintenance, pressure washing, commercial floor and tiles cleaning, graffiti and postal removal and removing trashes are also involved in cleaning service business.

Wow so much to do to make money. This industry is so large that taking advantage of this opportunity now can create real wealth for you. But first check out where you can make money from...

Just Check Out your Target Market

Cleaning is not just as common as washing with soap and water, it real cash. Your target market, if you’re considering amassing a fortune from this business includes:
a) Corporate Organizations (Information technology, building and construction firms, law firms, interior decoration firms, manufacturing firms, oil companies, banks, insurance companies etc).
b) Highly placed and comfortable individuals who can afford your service (Politicians, Managing Directors and CEO’s of companies, highly placed top management officials etc.)
c) Government parastatals e.g. ministries, government houses, government guest houses, etc
d) Hospitals (all kinds of hospital, both public and private. The bigger the hospital, the better)
e) Schools (Tertiary institutions, secondary schools etc.)
f) Hotels and Resorts
g) Malls and shopping complexes
h) Halls (if located in a busy area and the demand for their use is high)
This is just a tip of the content of this highly loaded material with practical guide to get you started

What you will get from this Manual on Corporate Cleaning business includes:

This is just a tip of the content of this highly loaded material with practical guide to get you started
You will discover from this Manual on Corporate Cleaning business:
markThe science of systematic cleaning that you can use to close any sales.
markHow to do move in and move-out cleaning, deep cleaning, Comprehensive cleaning/ One-off, Office cleaning: commercial cleaning of office spaces, garbage removal, janitorial services, Post-construction cleaning, corporate event or after-party clearing, Janitorial cleaning/ Retainer-ship

markHow to clean room or duplex for quick cash,
markThe principles of cleaning to details like air Conditioner vents and the tops of window, glass, toilets, doors, under tables, equipment, rugs, ceramic, etc.
mark How cleaning is done from the top down and down up technology to high rise building
Making The Real Cash From Corporate Professional Cleaning Business
In this book Manual You will also be exposed to everything you need to know to enable you set-up a cleaning service business some of which are:
markHow to Start a Corporate or Professional Cleaning Company
markHow to get appointments with your clients
markHow to value or cost a House-cleaning job
and give out winning quotes and proposals

markHow to get retainnership job and put your staff to do the job while you wait for the cash to drop monthly in your account

markHow to get big jobs and contacts of cleaning companies you can partner with

markYou can also have access to cleaning teams you can work with for a start. you cannot be straded on this business as we are alway there to guide you.

Practical Cleaning Activities you will grab in this material
How to do Quick and Accurate Estimate for the Cost of a Cleaning Services for all type of homes (single, family, townhouse, apartment, etc), or rooms needing cleaning (kitchen, family room, living room, dinning room, hallway, stairways, bedrooms, bathrooms, attics, basement, garage laundry room, home office, recreation room, etc.), and then for head offices, corporate houses, hotels, conference rooms, bank buildings, construction sites and other options to get the best quoted price.
markHow to do marketing for the business and close high profile sale from outfit like MTN, Shell, GTBanks, etc and smaller outfit like hospital, hotels, shopping mall, etc.
markIn this material, you find how to start gathering cleaning equipment and where to get them, setting-up office, employing staff and registering your business.

markWhere to get materials, chemicals, and prospects and all the tools you need for this business, including addresses of already existing large corporate cleaning outfit you can partner with for big jobs.

mark Don't stress yourself on how you are going to write proposals or give your clients quotations for jobs that will close your sales, we have already prepared several of them for you to use, so you are virtually doing little or no paper work by having this material.

markYou don't even need to stress on the practical aspects as this material is down-to-earth on that, whether you want to do it alone or you want to partner with existing cleaning companies all the revelation are in this power packed practical manual book.

Opportunity in Fumigation business
Other cash cow exposed in this material includes, Fumigation and Pest Control, and Waste management.
Apart from teaching you the marketing aspect of fumigation which is as important as the practical, you will discover how to operate a fumigation machine, how to mix the chemicals at different proportion for different jobs and what chemicals to use for different fumigation jobs. You will discover how to brand your business how to do jobs for MTN, especially their transmission stations and sites or office complex or banks against rodents or snacks and even hospitals, residence and estates against mosquitoes and other insects and pest.

The opportunity cuts across Nigeria, fumigation and corporate cleaning can always go together that is why in this material you will learn how to prepare quotation, for hospitals, warehouse, factories, banks, eateries, churches, especially those that meet for evening services and all night service, they fumigate against mosquitoes. With this manual you will be able to setup an outfit for this business, office space or no office space. You can even start from home and get your staff trained for the job. You do not need to be directly involved in the fumigating or do direct cleaning; you can just supervise, manage or own the outfit doing the jobs and take home all the cash.

Author's Bonusmark
The Manual package goes for N10,000 with 25% discount for starters. Bonus for those who are serious about this business, is my closely guided cleaning secrets and the most important of them all is a complete proposal for closing corporate sales. This particular proposal was written for a top bank executive and it is worth more than N100,000. You will have this for free including the well package practical manual.

Also included in this package is the practical cleaning aspect of the business and how to survey jobs physically and charge client accordingly, no matter the physical structure, be it post construction, move-in or retainership job, this material is loaded to get you into wealth.

The rest content will be exposed to you as you grab your copy plus my free consultancy service, backed up with my several practicall work experience having worked with two top class cleaning outfit working for telecom giant MTN, AIrtel etc as a field manager and also ran my own cleaning out and also work with an Italian construction firm. You can’t beat the experience.

Right on my phone I have led some of my clients who have already obtained this highly loaded manual into securing and closing big cleaning jobs, yours won’t be different. Simply get your copy now!
Mrs. Joyce Eno is in the business of cleaning management and consultancy services.


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This is your chance to enter this industry and start getting big contracts