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"The Complete Guide to Making Millions Doing Massive or Small scale Import Business, importing used cars, your own branded laptops, all kinds of Handsets, including smart phones, tablets and  electronic gadgets, all kinds of accessories and used products, spare parts and machineries, clothes, books, shoes, jewelries, children's items and fast-moving products from China, US, Japan, Europe, Hong Kong, Thailand India, etc. At a very cheap price starting small"

From The Desk Of : Hope Eno

Dear Friend,

Import business has become the biggest source for taking home the millions in Nigeria right now for those who know the secrets. Both the young and old are breaking their bank accounts by the day just to share the raw cash in this business and I think you should join this dinner party now while it last.

This business in recent time has produced a lot of middle class millionaires. In case you are not part of it, or you are wondering how it works, This is the secret.
Manufacturers, exporters, shopping houses and sites in these countries are breaking their bank accounts by the day just to grab the wealth in this business.

No wonder the Chinese are no more taking it cool.

How do I know this?

Apart from becoming a world economic power, China has also become a goldmine because of imports, as Nigerians, both young and old, troop into this Asian country to share the raw cash in hard currency. No wonder the Nigerian government has adopted the Chinese currency as an exchange currency with the us dollars for import and export transactions.

Make Raw Cash Importing From China.
Not only that, in order not to be left out of the boom, import prohibition list of the Nigerian government has been lighten-up to encourage Import trade and open the door for more goods to flow in for those who can cash in on the opportunity. I think you should join this dinner party while it last. Importation business is the second highest revenue source for government after oil.
The question you may want to ask is, are Nigerians really making money from this import boom?
Well, this is easy to answer.
Boutiques are springing up by the day and you need to get to Lagos Island or any trading town in Nigeria and see how these imported goods are selling like pure water from clothes to consumables to gadgets like phones laptops accessories, etc, you name it. During festive season the boom becomes hot and quick cash from import is inevitable.

Import Business can be done from anywhere in the World
Nowadays, import business is done with the aid of information and communication technology. You make your orders through the Internet, emails, phones or mails, whether you want it shipped through the sea, air or land, The clearing systems are already structured. It does not need your presence incase you donít want leave your job before starting, and the market is available.
Car import is the hottest. You can buy cars online for as low as $500, yes I mean below a N100,000 off course you know what you can make out of this when you sell.  The complete import business Guide shows you how.

In it you will discover:


Cheap Car Import From All Countries


How to import used cars, or New cars that were involved in slight accident from US, Japan, Korea, Canada, etc, all at give away prices or peanuts.


Complete resources for getting cars into Nigeria with detail information and cost of shipment including contacts of car and shipping agents and merchants across the globe and in Nigeria.


Practical guide on how to get all the paper work done when importing cars or any other goods into Nigeria and prevent seizures.

How to do multiple import business and bring in good through the see cheaply

How to bring in goods for free through the sea using another person's money or goods

How to ship products, used or brand new in vehicles into Nigeria

How to get any type of used transport vehicle light weight, heavy duties, school buses, etc into the country



The ability to start your import business and roll out the consistent income is in this e-book package.



Whether you want to start big or become an import merchant or you want to start small, it has all the multiple import businesses you can do right now.

Things You Will Learn From This Manual Include:


Where to buy all kinds of goods cheaply, clear old stocks, and fairly used products, Insurance enabled and salvage goods.


Auction goods, value for cash goods, company products, sell-out office stocks, products, assets and equipment, including laptops, furniture and many more you will find in this package.



How to import from china, get the best Chinese manufacturers, companies and their trading websites.



How to produce your own branded products like laptops, phones, electronic gadgets, etc at best quality guaranteed at cheap price from China.



Importation From China Has Become A Hit All Over The World



How not to loose your money in import business, avoid fraudulent websites and contraband goods.



How to do your import business from your home using your laptop and phones, and get goods delivered to your door step.



 How to go into seasonal import and still keep your regular job. How to clear goods from seaport and airport or customs on the road.



Easy Payment Systems for Import Business


You will practically know: How to use your Naira ATM cards, MasterCard and Visa Cards from Nigerian banks to import goods from anywhere in the world



How to make payment transfers for good or move money to producers, manufactures or suppliers of goods or even clients abroad using raw cash or Cheque right here in Nigeria



How to pay for imported goods through domiciliary account bank, wire transfers and cheaply fund your domiciliary account for import transactions

All the neccesary paper work, invoices, bills, customs, shipping company, terminal, signings, logistic, trucking and many more will be exposed and how to surmount them with ease will be at your finger tips



This Is Your Time to Be Part of the Import Wealth

No, you do not need heavy capital to start and all the expertise  has been provided in this material provides.

The profit margin is always rated in percentage from about 50% to 1000%. With this business you can become a millionaire in no time. All the skills and expertise you need are packed-up in this e-book.

Price for the complete Importe-book package that covers all areas of importation is N7,500 right now, but the author is offering some discount for this e-book and getting this e-book now gives you access to all the bonuses stated below

This package gives you access to how to do importation business on a large scale, you will discover how to handle the order process at the sea port, airport or customs. You will also learn
markHow to import all kinds of goods in containers or groupage or any Volume, car importation business is made simple with this material,
markHow to access production plants, facilities and raw materials in China for your import business, including sending of fabrications, designs and samples of product to factories in China for production and onward delivery to Nigeria.
markSimple way to get import contracts, importing from factories and suppliers on credit, buying up production lines in China and becoming a factory agent or representatives in Nigerian as an international merchant bring in any kind of goods without your own money
markHow to Source for manufacturer and do the business of importing in containers, groupage or any other means all through the sea

markHow to send your designs and samples to China factory for production and delivery to you in Nigeria

markHow to get contracts to produce from China, products like survenirs, gift items, office equipment customised items for corporate organisation in Nigeria
markHow to do all the complicated paper work involved in this kind of import business or even get your goods or container delivered to your location without you being involved physically and lot more.

This is a total package in case you intend to take your import business to the bigger levels. it will practically lead you into the serious millions.
You need to grab this package for your wealth library of riches, you can never be poor another day in your life, it is loaded with information to give you a starting point with all the steps to take before going into importation business big time in containers, doing high volume import through the air, sea, road and all kind of goods, rolling out millions and billions per import deals.
The good thing about this business is that you can also start with small capital. You can be rich in no time if you take the actions in this well loaded resource material authored by Hope Eno

How to get started:

To order the complete Import E-book Authored by Hope Eno, simply visit or call the following numbers: 0803-747-0173, 08023982600

You stand a chance to qualify for all the practical bonuses and live consultation when you make your order this month, simply call the author on any of the above numbers for your N2,500 discount and pay only N7,500 instead of N10,000 for this down to earth complete importataion resource material

Hurry and make your order now!

To your success,

Hope Eno is an Investment Expert, Author, Seminar facilitator and currently the Chief Resource Officer, Info-House Services Limited

Other Bonuses included in the Import complete package are:

Complete guide for getting your products from manufacturers in China to landing your goods in any location in Nigeria without your physical involvement

markDirect Chinese address, in case you want to travel or meet with foriegn agents, contact a special market, manufacturers or if you want to travel to China to do business or attend trade shows or conference

How to get to get free samples of products from suppliers and manufacturers

How to get production and branding contracts form manufacturers, get them to send goods to you on credit or on part payment

Contacts of genuine affordable clearing agent that will beat down your clearing charges to bearest minimum and avoid dumorouage at the ports.

markHow to get Loans for clearing your goods at the sea port

How to bid for American cars from Nigerian restricted site right here in Nigeria even when you don't have US social security number (this offer is exclusively for you)

markHow to get these cars for as low as $200, yes I mean N50,000 and SUV for N1,000, that is N160,000 bidding on the American site this e-book is offering you right here in Nigeria

complete practical import transaction process, product catalog, proforma invoice, with online email process for importing without living your room or computer.

How to import wedding rings, accessories, gown, suits, towels, bed sheets, power products, inverters, rechargeable products, solar products, cameras, clearance sales, etc

The cheapest air freight clearing company to use in getting your imported good delivered to you at your door step, 

How to start and run your own clearing and forwarding business,

How to get used modern Laptops at cheap landing prices right here Nigeria,

How and where to import goods on credit and pay when your goods arrives

markWhere to get anything anywhere in the world, import or export with all details

markHow to package and import used goods for peanut into this country, even electronics without been inbounded

markThis is fresh, the different ways you can make money form Importers even before you start your own importation business

markPlus my personal importation experience through the sea and air and how I get free samples of products.

How and where to instantly sell your goods as its lands the country on cash and carry basis and many more.

Hurry and make your order now to get your discount while this offer last!

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