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Multipurpose Liquid Detergent Soap and Other Household Consumable Products With Little Capital from home or anywhere…


Get Free Liquid and Tablet Soap, Laundry Starch including Perfume etc, Hand-On Participation, Instant Raw Material Sourcing, Hygiene product formulation that sells fast and Opportunity for Ready Cash!!!

Your Participation Starts Now!

If you can imagine the amount of money the owners of Morning Fresh dish washer make on a daily basis from selling liquid soap in Nigeria, you will quietly turn your home into a factory and start producing without wasting time.

You may likely be pushed into getting a lot of iddle hands quite busy

I am very sure you will turn all your redundant wards, kids and wife into production, sales and marketing managers, even if you decide not to sack your own boss, because of the profit you will churn out from this business. But wait before you step on the accelerator and start cruising through, take time to digest this information that will give you the capacity to roll out simple cash from this simple opportunity.

Can you imagine this

Do you know you can produce high quality liquid soap, laundry or spray starch, tablets soap, air freshner, hair and body shampoo, antiseptic and many other household items for variuos uses right from your home. You can generate consistent income selling these items to the entire neighbourhood, including the open market in kegs or special containers.
You can start with this all purpose, indoor-outdoor liquid soap for all kinds of washing like laundry, dishes, kitchen, car, toilets etc.

What are you waiting for...Get this quick cash business NOW!

I know a man in his fifties who produces this liquid soap from his house, package them in mini containers and uses his two teenage sons as marketing and sales agent for selling the soap during holidays. No more school fees worry for him anymore. This is how the American economy runs, over 60% of businesses in the US are home based. You can also create an alternative income for yourself if you are already working instead of keeping two job rather keep a job and a business. You can achieve that with this opportunity.

Today, because of the economic downturn a lot of folks are looking for one simple production business they can do to make ends meet. Well look no further, this is it. If your wive is no longer comfortable with the tag, ‘full-time-house-wife’ then this is the business for her. With little start-up capital, you can produce any concentrated products which you can redistribute and sell to make over 200% profit. And when you hit a higher volume in production then bigger profit of between 400% and 1000% margin becomes the name of the game.

Looking for something to start out with on a part time or full time?

Yes with this business you can start supplying hotels, restaurants, eateries, hospitals, etc, your own customized liquid detergent soap in drums, kegs, customised containers, etc for consistent income; month in, month out.

Liquid detergent soap is one of the highly used soaps presently in Nigeria. It has become a preference for many in washing clothes, kitchen utensils, toilets, mopping of the floor and most household chores. The usage is also found in car wash centres, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cleaning and laundry outfits, and many others places. This is simply, because it requires less energy, makes washing enjoyable and off course has a better penetration on fabrics and other surfaces.

Hay, simply take a look at supplies of hand wash to banks, schools and public places, you can make over 400% profit in a single production. You can Also supply disinfectant, antiseptic, shampoo, air freshner, laundry starch to hotels, hospitals, laundry and cleaning outfit, restaurants, Saloons, offices etc.

I remembered when I had a deal to supply a big construction firm in Lagos packaged hand wash. That is the kind of deal you can fufill without much effort. What are you waiting for?

What is in this Business for YOU?

As a result of the various uses of this versatile washer, one can venture into this business with little capital and start making huge money through volume supply. Classified as an everyday requirement product, liquid soap is in very high demand right now, especially in seasons where we have a lot of celebratios, parties, cooking and washing. A lot of Nigerians are now turning to liquid soap for domestic use, hence making liquid detergent production a fast moving business to grab and make short term cash.

This Business Does Not Need Energy

You can even automate your production and become a big time producer starting small. you can generate huge amount in one single month, producing your own liquid soap without any house rent, no power and probably no staff; all the money you make goes into your pocket and off course you don't have to buy soap anymore for your own personal use because you own the production factory.

We have had participants who make over 500% profit from their production. We have had business men who sent their wives and sisters to attend this seminar and others attend just to add to what they are already doing. A factory owner ones attended just to discover how to produce Liquid soap that can be used in cleaning up the factory instead spending so much cash buying expensive ones from shops. We have also had people who have gone all the way to setting up a production line churning out branded products to major super markets. And then we have also had people already producing household products and some even own factories who attend just to learn more, get better recipes to improve their sales.

Because of the changing cost of production as a result of increased raw materials cost due to dollars scarcity we are constantly generating recipes that does not only keep our participants in the market, but also increase their profit margin tremendously while improving on the quality of products.

And if you are into corporate or professioinal cleaning, or laundry and dry cleaning business, the best seminar to attend and learn how to produce your own consumables like soap, starch, airfreshner, bleach, etc for the busines is this practically down-to-earth hold-me-by-the-hand seminar. This is the best time to start and take advantage of the money making opportunity found in this business, even as the demand for liquid wash and other household products, is still scaling upward.



Attend this Practical Session that is Virtually Free with Soap to go home with, sell and GET SOME MONEY BACK!

The Liquid Soap production crew will be holding a practical class on liquid detergent production on Saturday January 19 2019 (what an opportunity to get empowered) at No 4, Egbe-Isolo Road, Opposite MRS Filling Station, Jakande Estate Gate, Ejigbo, Lagos.

This is the best time to plan an alternative income for your future. Salaries are not always enough. See more below...


Opportunties you cannot affords to miss...

Household production business with Consistent Income garanteed for life is the best choice for a home business and even a company startup,

  • Guaranteed multiple profit returns from this production business
  • markField work on where to purchase raw materials and items for use,
  • markHands-on live participation. You will be making the household products with us at the seminar so you don't have to forget the process..
  • markYou get the complete step-by-step guide printed manual worth N5,000 to go home with as back-up. With this you are virtually attending this seminar for free.
  • markThere is opportunity to sponsor as many individuals as posible to attend.
  • markAt this seminar you will be taught how to take order for large scale supply, produce and register your own brand.
  • markHow to manipulate ingredient to get different type of soap for different purposes like the Laundry gel, carwash, hand wash, dish wash, industirial, heavy or special soap.
  • markApart from teaching you how to practically produce liquid soap, we will also be producing Air freshner, Tablet and bar soap, Laundry, spray or cold water starch, antiseptic, children friendly Insecticide, perfumes and other household items on the spot. You can't afford to miss this massive financial independent training.

This is a Business you can do without Stress and at your Leisure

Now house wives, young ladies and guys at home you can get somebody to sponsor you to this special training programme or you sponsor somebody to be empowered for life. You can make lots and lots of cash in this business just by learning how to make your own brand of liquid detergent soap in branded containers, bottles or kegs at home and put your name or your company name on it and you don't have a shop or an office to do this.

The lady participant who was sponsored sold all the free sample she went with the next day which was Sunday in her church, hence recouping the money that was used to sponsor her.

By Monday she was already set for the market to get raw material to produce more as the demand from her church members alone had gone up after seeing the quality of what she offered. We had another lady who sold her take home packgae for over 200% of current market value a day after the seminar.

Don't miss this seminar for anything else.

I love the story of Jide a former manager in a multinational company, who paid in advance for the seminar and took away only one litres of commercial laundry starch on the day of the seminar and diluted it into 5 litres, sold each litres for N500 (this is baba ijebu I must say) to make N2,500 from just one litres of a standard production normally sold for N450. Today his fastest selling product on the street.

Boost your Production Performance and Profit as a Soap Maker

Lady who was already in the liquid soap production and supply business to banks and corporate organisations stopped because of the tideous production method she adopted. Although she was making profit the demand was too much for her to handle based on her method, but after attending this practical session that exposes every production secrets, ingredient manipulation strategies and opens up all the easy options and mixtures with low cost tools for commercial production, she decided to bounce out on a bigger scale. This seminar may just be your best opportunity to hit the market big with multiple profit.

Another lady who owns a beauty and cosmetic shop after attending this practical session got all she needed immediately including packaging materials for production as she wanted to put her own brand of product on her shelf for sales.

We had a guy who came with sample of hand wash he got from Italy decided to adopt the Italian brand after attending our practical training session.

We had a top civil servant who came all the way from Bayesa State, by the time he was living after the seminar he had already bought machinery for starting his production in his location. This is because at the seminar, we expose to you all you need to go big or start small, including contacts, resources, tools, equipment, etc. We actually go to the sources and field with our student particpants.

Another lady all the way from Adamawa state had been producing like the market women on the street, but after the seminar in Lagos she fabricated her stainless steel production system with fillers using contacts received at the seminar and was already preparing to buy a coding machine for mass packaging.

I love the story of this woman who came all the way from Calaber through flight, book a hotel room near the seminar venue for the training and made her first sales of N1,000 right at the hotel from product sample she got from the training and also made contact for consistent supply of three cleaning products to the hotel management before leaving for Calaber with first flight the next day. As far I am concern that was a record breaker.

This can be an alternative source of consistent unending income for YOU. In case you are aready working or you own a business of your own. Grab the opportunity now and learn the secretes of making different types of special liquid soap and other products for a large market using these well thought out principles.

Call NOW And Register

Looking for quick money this month?

Liquid soap is gradually becoming the most widely consumed household products because it is cheaper to produce, easy to manipulate for several purposes and has a production system that requires little or no energy requirement or equipment.

Production can be done from anywhere or space
You want to discover how to produce foaming soap or cleaning soap or antiseptic soap or any kind of soap, the ball is in your court as you will be taught how to manipulate formulations to suit any kind of liquid soap you have in mind
This practical production is hand-on, we will be producing together quality and commercial products you can easily repeat and have your products on the shelf, streets, shops or market at very low cost and high profit
With this seminar you will know:
How to produce different types of Liquid Detergent Soap-- Hand wash, Dish wash, Carwash, Body wash or Body Jel, laundry Liquid washing soap, tablet soap, Air freshner, Antiseptic, Laundry and spray starch, designer perfume, etc..
arrowWhere to get chemicals, materials and tools needed for your production no matter your location or from a location close to you
arrowHow to package your liquid soap for different market
arrowHow and where to sell your liquid soap for high profit

arrowHow to mass produce using Indian-chinese method without machines

arrowHow to get contracts to supply to corporate organisation or make large volume supply on contracts continually or set-up a distribution chain including supplying to weddings and other ceremonies.

arrowHow manipulate ingredients and get high quality products no matter the high cost of raw materials in the market.

arrowHow to design product Label that attracts, get trade mark, packages, tools, register company, send product outside the country and many more

Register now to indicate interest to participate in this practical class on liquid detergent soap production taking place on Saturday January 19, 2019 at No 4, Egbe-Isolo Road, Opposite MRS Filling Station, Jakande Estate Gate, Oke-Afa, Ejigbo, Lagos. Time: 9.00am prompt.

This Seminar has a Practical Manual as Bonus, Free Liquid Soap, Practical Session and Raw Materials

The seminar fee comes with a discount in addition to all the above bonuses and much more you will get including free consultation and access to business report when you need to set up on a large scale and Opportunity to get raw material to start producing immediatey. other bonus include:

markFomulations and where to get material for Air Fresheners, desinfectants, Spray starch, bleach, vim, Pefume, antiseptic, tablet and bar soap, Tiles and toilet cleaners plus production of forming liquid soap for dispensing machines, white wash, Shampoo and others. You will go home fully loaded

mark Where to get different packaging material for your products including industiral sealing machine and product fillers.

markWhere to sell your liquid soap and dish wash in large volume, make over 300% profit in one production and how to do contract supplies in hundreds of thousand for cool cash even from your home.

markAt this practical seminar you will get all you need to do mass production, putting your product on a sales shelf, register with NAFDAC, SON, trade mark, barcode, contacts, etc in case you want to go that far and how to choose secrete formulars and branding

markHow to Generate N75,000 from a N10,000 Start-up capital from hand wash, dish wash, body wash or body gel

markThis is a secret, I may likely release all my personal secret recipe that beat that Morning Fresh or Mama Lemon hands down. I have only given this recipe to some of my past student whose product is already on the shelf. Time to start small and grow big!

This is your cheapest opportunity to become wealthy, don't miss it for anything else. we have had people who started producing and selling their brands right after this seminar

This Seminar is completely practical with live commercial hands-on production of complete batches of products, hence to enable us prepare your practical session in advance you need to indicate interest and register in advance

Call or text the following numbers 08037470173, 08023982600, to register and book a seat now for the practical class taking place on Saturday 19th January, 2019. Time: 9.00am.

To Resrve a seat for the practical session, get 15% discount on seminar fee and also get the comprehensive Practical Training E-book before the seminar day, 

Simply make payment or do transfers into our corporate account with
GT BANK. Account Name; ST Resources. Account number: 001 5453 001
or UBA. Account Name; ST Resources. Account number: 101 0381 525.
Please send your payment details to or let us acknowledge your payment through the following numbers 08037470173, 08023982600 or appear at the venue with your tella.

Seminar fee: N12,000

Discount N10,000 for Advance Payment or transfers into the above account before seminar day

Venue: Product Office, First Floor, No 4, Egbe-Isolo Road, Opposite MRS Filling Station, Jakande Estate Gate, Ejigbo, Lagos

We look forward to the best practical session ever.

You can come with a containers or keg for soap samples take home after production

You can actually do your production at the seminar venue and go home with your products in 25 litres kegs for repackaging and selling. That is you are starting instantly, no wasting time. let us discuss this in advance.

The complete Practical Multiple Liquid Detergent Soap Production Manual for the seminar is now available at N6,000 in case you can't attend. You can order for this 'Self explanatory and Fully Practicals E-book' in any format, Hard copy or e-book from any where by calling 08023982600. (Courier cost or Way bill for delivering the hard copy outside Lagos is between N1,500 and N3,500)

After your order and payments into any of the above corporate accounts, please kindly notify us through any of the following lines 08023982600, 08037470173, with your details which should include: your name, phone number, email, what you paid for, amount paid and your location.
Your package will be delivered to your email as soon as we receive your details. Those who could not attend and have this self directing practical package are already producing and selling in cartoons to major markets outside Lagos.

Our Contact Address: Product Office, No 4, Egbe-Isolo Road, Opposite MRS Filling Station, Jakande Estate Gate, Oke-Afa, Ejigbo, Lagos. Tel: 08023982600, 08037470173, E-mail: info@investmentlight.com

Here is the results from one of our student who bought the Liquid Soap Production Practical e-book package from outside Lagos:

(Greetings Engr.,
I hope this finds you well. I wanted to let you know that I have successfully produced the following products using your manual, although the ingredients have other names locally here in Kenya I think : Liquid detergent, Handwash, Bleach and surface disinfectant.
Any further advice or support on your part is appreciated. I will certainly share with you the photos of what I have been able to make and sell in small quantities for the moment. The pics are not ready as I pursue to work on professional packaging.
From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate the help you have given me so far.
Yours Faithfully,
Caroline Akinyi Odhiambo)

We also arrange One-on-One practical session on a special fee in case you cannot attend the main seminar or in case you want a special practical session in our office, your location, home or factory.

We also train and provide services for production outfit that are having issues with their product recipes, production processes or registration. You can cantact us for this.

You can also get informed on when the next seminar will take place by calling us on the above numbers.

And we also get invitation to do group training, empowernment and consultations.

We do mass production and supplies for surveniers, wedding, Hampers, gift items or for those repackaging for other special purposes and professional cleaning including supplies to companies, hotels, hospital, schools etc.

Simply call any of the above numbers for more enquiries.