From: Hope Eno, Investment Consultant

Dear Friend,


ery funny you may say, but I could not help but laugh at one of my clients, who after traveling to Dubai to buy things came back lamenting how most of the things he bought were still made in either China or the US or UK or Turkey.

According to him, Dubai was just like an online store that houses goods from various sellers and manufacturers. To make matters worse was the fact that the prices he got those things in Dubai were no different from the price he would have obtained them if he had just shopped online using the internet and his payment card.

A lot people of suffer similar fate, they travel abroad, spend money on ticket, visa and passport to buy goods when they can simply order whatever they want online and have it delivered to them in Nigeria and then pocket the whole travelling expenses and reduce all the risk and stress they go through.

You probably didn't know all that… and that's okay. You are not alone…

Common knowledge Is Hard To Find

You don't have to blame yourself. simply arming yourself with all the tools and the right information, you too can get your bank account smiling with cash as an international merchant, importing, shopping for or buying and selling goods from any part of the world; it depends on your desire. The best part of this line of import business is that you don’t have to go through the stress of clearing goods at the seaport or airport or get involved with customs or any government agencies. What this means is that, you can start off with any amount of money you have in your hands and because of the fact that you have cut down all the travelling and clearing expenses, whatever price you see on the product and it's shipping cost is what you spend to get the goods delivered to you anywhere you choose.
There's no way your family, the kids, and even you as a person will not benefit from this method of shopping that cuts down all kinds of extra cost and increases your streams of income. For those who are into importation business already, this online shopping system provides you the opportunity to increase your cash flow in the business by giving you all the short cuts that will bring down your expenses and shoot up your profit.

Have you even thought of how to take Advantage of the huge opportunity online importation offers?
Just hold on, I will let the cat out of the bag very soon
Online importation gives you access to a wider variety of items and market, especially now that online payment methods that accept Nigerians are multiplying by the day. You can virtually buy anything cheaply on,, and many of the shopping sites that use to reject Nigerians if you know the secrets we are exposing here.
For the fact that online shopping business can be done from anywhere makes it more exciting, whether you are doing it from your bed room or office; all you need is the address or location where your goods can be delivered to you.
Shopping online also affords you the choice of getting things at wholesale prices and discount. Apart from these, you can also get genuine items at the right prices. For example shirts like TM, Hawes & Curtis (H&C) are always overpriced here in Nigeria with lots of fake displayed here and there, hence ordering these shirts from places like UK or US using online sites gives you an opportunity to buy directly from source cheaply.

You need to always test the waters before you jump in

The first time I dabbled into Import business was when I designed a panel board for the production of a 1kva inverter, I had to send my designs to India since that was where there were machines to produce it in mass at that time. the payment proccess was tidious even though delivery was quick it was expensive, but today things are different, because of the availability of information and technology. Now, I receive free samples of electronics products from manufacturers in China right here in Nigeria, use it for over a year before importing in large quantity just to test the product, sample the market and decide how to make money from such product.

Just to make the point clear, you can do this business with ease

Online shopping or import business is a mini importation business that is best for you if you are starting small. This method of import gives you the opportunity to test the waters and not lose money whenever you decide go into big time importation in containers, etc
You don’t need a shop, office, warehouse or a business proposal to start. You can do this online import from home or office or in the cyber café and using any form of Internet resources, phone, laptop, IPad, Android or any kind of device that can browse the internet, importing high quality products across the globe, from China, Vietnam, UK, Canada, USA, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong at manufacturers’ price.

Here is what you don’t know about this business

When shopping online, you have the choice of getting items, goods and products very cheap at wholesale and discount prices, including access to coupons and free delivery. You have opportunity to buy genuine product that are overpriced here in Nigeria cheaply. Shopping directly online, you avoid buying fakes, because you are ordering directly from source using online platforms.
How easy is this business?
The easiest business to do right now with the smallest amount of money is import business. With this business, you can get products directly from source and make sales for huge profit within a short time and of course, people you are selling to will still feel they bought cheaply compared to prices in the general market. Just because you are buying directly from suppliers and manufacturers, you have cut out all the middle men that always allow for price inflation on products.

Have you ever thought of how more boutiques are springing up and yet the market is still not crowded. This is because most of the products are imported directly form source. Virtually everything in this country is imported, from clothing to even food to cosmetic and all manner of electronics, you name it, importers are stealing the show and swelling their bank account by the day. There is money in import business and doing it from the internet and on your laptop could just be the sweetest and easiest way to get started.

Now you have the opportunity to bring that which your heart desires to pass, in case, you have been planning and desiring to get involved in importation business, but have no idea how it is done or you are afraid of falling into wrong hands when online. This is the time to do it as I release this complete guide for online import business into your hands. Now grab the secrets!

How to Join the Big Online Stores Making the Millions in Nigeria
There are sales season in every country, especially when a country is moving from one season to another, say from summer to winter or spring, etc. It could also be during festive seasons like Christmas or Easter or some special event described in this e-book that will help you buy goods at unbelievable prices.
At such periods, online shops, stores, product suppliers and manufacturers cut down prices, do clearance sales or sometimes give out old stocks out rightly to buyers on discount or as gifts or samples for free. Things become extremely cheap or sold at low prices during these various sales periods. Most boutique owners and importers who know this secret use these periods to buy in large numbers, at peanut price. No wonder the boutiques business and large wholesale shops and market are still making waves today across the country. Why wouldn't they make more money when you can buy goods online and make over 500% profit after selling or even if you are using it yourself, it is still an advantage to you compared to local prices.

Some local online stores in Nigeria right now like Jumia and Konga are also in this game making millions, taking advantage of this kind of buying system we are going to expose in this e-book to clear goods cheaply from sources abroad and selling them online in Nigeria to swell their bank account. You too can start this business. This e-book is well packaged to do the job. Apart from exposing all the details, it will also give you a complete step-after-step guide to starting your online shopping and import business. Are you thinking of what to import, where to get it cheaply, how to get it without stress and sell to make money right here in Nigeria? don't bother your head any more this e-book is the answer.

How to join the big guys to do this business cheaper

The internet has made everything easy, now you can have access to stores, shops and producers in the US, China, India, Thailand, etc. Online shopping or Importation business is very easy to do and with whatever you have, once you get the basic foundation this e-book offers, you can sit down inside your room and order for goods using the internet.
By doing importation business directly online, you can easily join the likes of Coscharise, Dangote, the Indians and Lebanese who are currently dominating this market, even without leaving Nigeria and because you are doing it from home, you don’t need to have so much money. The goods are delivered to your door step, you don’t need to clear goods at seaport or airport and no custom issues. Avoiding all these, puts more cash on your profit margin at the end of the day. You can really make lots of money from this business starting as an online importer.

Here are just a few of the secrets I will share with you inside…

Do you need to attend a seminar to start this business?
Absolutely not!

This e-book is down to earth and complete, it's content is more than attending a training seminar on online importation business because the writer is releasing all his over fifteen years experience in production and import transaction business detailed in a step-by-setp guide, holding you by the hand until you reach your desired destination in this business with live consultation whenever you need it.
Looking for a complete guide on how any Nigerian can start importing products from anywhere in the world while staying right here in Nigeria starting with little capital and getting goods delivered anywhere you desire? Look no further, this is it!

This business can be done from anywhere, city or village on your laptop online in your room or office

For the fact that online shopping business can be done from anywhere, city or village on your laptop online in your room or office makes it more exciting; all you need is the address where your goods will be sent to you.

Packed up in this e-book, are the secrets of importing from sites that restrict or reject Nigerians, meaning you can now stay in your room with your phone or laptop or computer to import goods and get them delivered to your doorstep from anywhere in the world even as a Nigerian.

And you know what? The good thing about many online sites is that they offer free shipment and clearance sales with huge discount. Inside this package, you will discover:
The fastest growing product online, the best, genuine and cheapest shopping websites to use right now.
arrowHow to use safe, secure mode of payment online even on sites where Nigerians have been rejected
arrowHow you can easily import from China, US, UK and HONG KONG and get your goods delivered to you in few days with all the best delivery options exposed. It is just like receiving a letter, but this time around the package is bigger and delivery is faster.
arrow How to get real US address for your shopping, in order to get all the freebies that the country offers to shoppers online.

This is a complete step-by-step guide

The e-book comes with complete step-by-step guide to browsing through or logging onto any e-commerce shopping website to order your products using just clicks. You will understand how to do accurate search, choose the right products and make payments in one go. Simply having an internet access on any device, phone or laptop or desktop computer to browse is all you need for raw cash. Online shopping is now very beautiful as all the major GSM networks offer free internet data for browsing on your phone, laptop and computer making this business very cheap to operate.
When importing from China, you get prices for less since you dealing directly with the source. We all know that China websites sells cheaper and China will produce to any specification you want, whether for Europe or US or Nigeria, whatever you want you will get including all standards, this e-book will do all the job of making the right choice of sites, shops, products, country to import from while you enjoy the reward, in it you will find:

Be Careful: I hope This Will Not Get You too Rich

This e-book will teach you how to shop for Brand New products like Samsung Galaxy Tab, Laptop, Pc, Universal Modem from US and Chinese Websites at peanuts, Plus Free Shipment of health care material and tools, clean and used electronics, complete Brand new Hp Laptop, cosmetics, women products and accessories, men’s suit, Brazilian Hair, latest fashion across the world. Don’t forget you can also get these products in Nigeria, but at an expensive price.
Imagine getting a Samsung latest android phone sold here for almost N100,000 for just N35,000. I guess you know the profit when you sell, you can even get it cheaper with free shipping if you buy in volume.
Complete brand new laptops with standard configurations goes for over N120,000, you can get for N45,000 online, total cost after delivery.
Standard clothes and t-shirt are sold for peanuts, especially if you are buying volume or during clearance sales. This is what major retail shops in Nigeria do to make so much money.
There are products you can order virtually for free or get free samples or product costing less than a dollar per pieces and when importing up ten pieces you may not spend more that N1,500 after conversion to Naira and get it delivered at home.

There Is Seroius Stuff In Here

This e-book releases the processes to follow and over 200 US and UK sites that sell cheap and genuine products online, including those that offer clearance sales on major brands cheaply, do free delivery and give free samples. As you order your copy now, you will discover:

  1. How to order for customized items, self branded product, unbranded product and manufacturer’s products

  2. How to easily make quick sales and instant profits on your imported products

  3. How to import from US without having to pass through fraudulent means to avoid restriction or rejection,even though we will expose those methods as well

  4. How to use the different kinds of payment card, naira, dollar or any foreign currency, through MasterCard, visa card, ATM card to make payment online without restrictions

  5. How to make simple entries online like your shipping and delivery details or billing address for successful delivery and tracking of your goods online and get them delivered at your doorsteps.

  6. How to do importation business with or without a Virtual US or UK address or carry out online transaction with real US, UK, Nigeria or any address in the world, buy goods or shops online on all Nigerian restricted sites.

  7. How to sell your imported goods or products online and offline using facebook, Google, local Nigerian sites and other sites for free or set up your shopping site online.

  8. Do you want to start an import business on a small scale or start something that requires less effort and low capital to execute or you want start a mini import business outfit running on its own? Getting this resource material by Hope Eno is just the answer.

  9. With this e-book, you will bypass all the middle men who sell expensive wares and products to you, thereby reducing your profit margin when you resell, even if you are using the product yourself, buying directly from source gives you leverage and cut all your cost.

  10. This e-book is loaded and I am giving it out for 50% discount with lots of instant cash start-ups for take off.

Fully Loaded and Guaranteed to Make You Rich

With this e-book, you have access to all sites that offer cheaper products and free delivery or shipment across the globe. Contrary to popular opinion that you must be with your supplies to get genuine and best quality products, this e-book will teach how to still get the best without having to travel to China, US or UK, you can even get product samples for free even when you are online and get your products arrive Nigeria on time. The importation systems exposed in this e-book takes away customs stress, duties and all complications.

Import Solutions and Results
When I went through your importation stuff.... I know you are a man of your words, Keep the good work thanks, ---Nsikak Andrew
Hello Sir, I have started my import business, in fact, i just received my order now at the post office. i ordered through free air mail just as you taught us in the online shopping e-book, Thank you so much for opening my eyes to this great opportunity. The product is a pen with hidden camera on it, in fact many people are already interested --- Isa Babajide.

Dear Mr. Hope,
I am Joseph, the guy from Warri Delta State who bought your e-book on mini import and online shopping 2 weeks ago. I imported some wrist watches and necklaces and my wife is already selling. The main market in Warri that happens to be a home of jewelries does not even stock such type of wrist watch; it was so unique that 2 persons bought 3 pcs each. thanks for all the details in the ebook, they were quite useful to us, We are even planning to rent a shop soon---Joseph Affoh

Sir, as a woman who has not done so much online before, I was not very sure I was going to be able to do this untill you asured me of your free consultancy services, but when I got the onlineshopping e-book it was so easy to use. The few calls I made to you was just to confirm that what I am doing is ok. I have imported somes goods using free shipment and sold them within three days for over 100% profit. please I hope I am not disturbing you too much. I want to know if I increase my import by 500%, will they still be able to give me free delivery? Chineyere from Ojo, Lagos.

Babajide, Chinyere and Joseph, made my day with the beautiful result they got, acting on information and knowledge in this complete online shopping and import e-book, I am sure you are next in line for a bigger result. Just hold on and read this from Oluwaseun Ladeloye after buying this e-book

How am I sure I am qualified for this business?

Buying and selling is for everyone, so is online shopping business; you can do it by the side and still keep your job. You can import goods for your company rather than buy at high prices in the market; it may include gift items for customers or equipment for your office or factory. You may want to add import business to a series of other businesses you are doing right now, this is the e-book that shows you the way.
With this e-book in your hand, online shopping business will give you an opportunity to start your own job and be your own boss in case you were looking for a lucrative job to do before now. It gives you the opportunity to work from home, either as house wife, son or daughter in the house.
Online import or shopping business, is a business you can do as a pleasure business or retirement business, simply open a shop and start importing to sell. Whichever way you want it, by grabbing this loaded tool that teaches you everything you need to know to start and succeed in online shopping and importation business, you are putting your steps in the path of riches for life!

How to Order the Online Import and Shopping E-book, and Get Our 50% Instant Bonus

If you decide to get this e-book for N10,000 and you go through the entire content, you would even want to pay more because of the value, but currently the e-book goes for N5,000 only and that is because of the 50% discount promo currently running on it. See this week price below which is far less than the promo price. There are lots of clearance sales and huge cash discounts on shopping sites right now and we expect you to take advantage of them through this material.
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2. The price of the material includes all the bonuses and access to the author whether one-on-one, by phone or online. All his consistent wealth of experience are yours for taking.

3. Your success is guaranteed with my free live consultancy and supervision until you succeed.
4. Make your order now and discover how to import goods from China, approve or release payment only after you have received the goods and you are satified they are okay

5. You also have access to over 15 websites where you can sell or display your imported products on the internet for free in case you want to start selling from home or online. What a lazy's man way to wealth

6. In case you want to start your own online shopping site, this e-book will teach you how to get the site up and running with or without your own registered domain name and give you free site exposure

7. Access to products directly from manufacturers abroad and access to special product not yet in the Nigerian market that can generate you huge profit and lots more, right inside this complete guide shopping/import e-book

8. Complete online shopping guide: How to buy or import goods from Amazon, EBay and other online shops using paypal even as a Nigeria and other alternative to PayPal you can also use.

9. How to get free dollars, free vouchers, free shipping and shopping discount to buy goods from shopping sites online.

10. How to cut your transaction cost online and make over 100 to 250% profit buying products from secret websites.

11. How to get US address and US IP right here in Nigeria to buys goods online.

12. How to get international master card and make payment for goods anywhere in the world.

13. How to get your goods delivered to you in Nigeria from Chinese direct suppliers before paying for shipping charges
14. How to sell your goods on over 10 online stores in Nigeria and operate a high profile online shopping business

15. Where to get fairly used electronices like tablets, notebooks and phones online and how to import them into Nigeria

16. How to set up your own online shop like Ebay, Amazon, Jumia or Konga

17. You have access to the lastest resources, update on current happenning in the import world and sites for products import

18. how to import Goods from US and UK without paypal or foreign credit card and get them delivered to you directly in Nigeria without custom issues

19. I am revealing how I imported a product unit for less than N2,000 after conversion to naira and sold each for N,9000 making a profit of N7,000 per unit. Also how I don't make anything less than 100% from any of my imports when I sell because of my ability to get quality cheaply

You don't have to do this business on full time or sell product on your own, simply grab the secret now get this e-book now

Because of the recent bonuses added to this e-book and the recent upgrade done on it to include hands on solutions that guides you even if you have never used a computer or internet before and many more stuff that will give you instant success in this business especially now that you even use your phone to do import, we recommend you grab your copy now

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Order now and enjoy all the bonuses and free live consultation loaded with the authors vaste experience and training in the industry.

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Actions In the right direction

Labour is an effort that can bring riches only if it is put in the right direction and some times your labour is reduced when you use the information and knowledge your brain has acquired.

Money does not just come from working hard else labourers and truck pushers would have been the richest people on earth.

There is nothing like hit and run wealth. You must set some certain plans that will work according to certain principles.

Hard work must go with knowledge, information and sometimes experience, whether it is your own personal experience or you are paying for other people’s experience, experience is experience and it is one of the best forms of knowledge and information when it is well packaged.

This complete guide Online Import and Shopping E-book has all it takes to get your import and shopping business up and running profitably

Hope Eno is an Investment and business opportunity expert/consultant with over 20 years experience