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All these are beautiful and in order to achieve some level expectations for their skin, some folks simply go for various the skin whitening and tonning cream packages like skin lighterning and whitening cream, halfcaste cream, body shades, permanent pinklip cream and many other seemingly body enhancing soap and creams they find on the shelf, but here is the problem...

Do you Know that Skin Care Product are the top most Money Earning Product Right Now!

This is simply because million of people are daily looking for solution to the variuos skin issues that have cropped up in recent times
Yes, people want to have a glowing, fresh, smooth, flawless skin and astonishingly beautiful looks....

There is nothing wrong with some of these cream, except for the fact that most of them are produced by quacks or people who do not know their right from their left in terms of quantity, quality or standard, or better still by people who give you what you want without explaining the side effect or damages that will later result

Well, the results on people's faces and skin after consistent use of these unco-ordinated products is no more debateble.

At the begining some of the makers of these extreme product will promised you all it takes to give you what you expect and you may initially get the instant result in some cases, but the damage afterward is hardly reservable. Most these creams and soaps result in dark knuckle, stretch mark, green vein, sun burns, skin scars, skin burns.

They tell you no side effect, no harmful chemicals no hydroquinone, mecury or steroids. They may even tell you, you will get visible result in no time which is a fact but don't forget about the visible damage that may also result.

At the end you are put in a position where you cannot do without make-up and foundation in order to at least manage the situation.

Tumeric Carrot Soap Produced from Natural Ingredients. this organically generated ingredient can restore a fair skin back to normal. You too can be part of this production process read on....

We are not saying stop buying creams that will end up damaging your skin. Our aim is to teach you how to develop product or rather produce product that will bring people skin back to nature and restore all the normal features or better still just maintain your natural looks and complextion or make your skin glow all the time if that is want you want to have.

Others may need to improve on their skin naturally with organic product and still achieve the same purpose those chemically generated creams and soap do, simply learning all the secrets of producing different skincare products and provide diferent solution using different natural organic ingedient can make that great difference.

This is actually where the money is right now. I have student who sell their organic and skin restoring bathing soap for between N1,000 and N2,500. Yes you heard me right.
You can start to professionally take care of people skin care needs, provide result oriented solutions and also make money in the process
And you kwon what? People are ready to pay any amount of money for your product, especially if it is organic and natural.

How do I produce these desired skin care products?

That should not be a problem, because we are offering the solution right here!

Skin care and household cleaning product has become the fastest money making product to pitch tent with right now

Starting with High quality bathing liquid soap to the various type of tablet Soap (carrot Soap, Black Soap, papaya, Citrous Soap, Bathing moiturisers, fruity soap like Lemon Soap, mult-functional fruity gel, etc.)

There is seriuos cash to be made producing these items, especially when they are produced from naturally derieved ingredients

Attend our Skin Care and Household cleaning Product production Summit with Multiple body care bathing products.

The damages that is currently occurring to people's skin from lighting and bleaching cream is so enormous that even NAFDAC is concern. At this seminar we are going to be exposing all the solutions, because that is where the money is right now. We going to be creating products you can go home with.

Organic Soap production is a huge business. Anything that has to do with body care soap offers the best solution to various skin challenge people are going through right now.

At the Practical production Session (Live Training and completely hand-on). We will teach among others things, the production of Organic Carrot Soap, papaya soap, Lemon/Orange Soap and Black Soap, Medicinal Herbal soap, Natural skin toning and exfoliating soap, Tablet/Bar soap.

People's skin will never be the same again, because of the product you will produce after attending this seminar and if you are doing this as a business, you must not miss this class as we expose all the opportunities and Soap solutions, using natural ingredient and organic extracts in oils, powders, butters, seed, fruits, plants and many more.


Apart from producing all these items, we will be doing practical packaging, marketing and branding of product for super market, big stors home supplies, international market shoprite, and more

We will also be producing the Swiss liquid Air Freshener, body spray, perfumes and lot more.

Your skin and body will never be the same again!!!

Black Soap like Dudu Osun is known around the globe as one of the most effective Natural skincare soap for the body and the hair, it is used abroad for multiple purposes and remixing and making other useful skincare product

We are going to be producing this product at this class



We will practically produce
1. Bathing Gel,
2. Body Shower,
3. Fruit Bath with curative effect on cream damage skins
4. Top selling Body wash
5. bathing Soap for Children
6. Organic Liquid Bathing gel
7. Designer Body Perfume/Body Spray.
We have not even yet started.


How to be part of this practical production Seminar

Body shower, Fruit gel, body wash for children, body perfume, body spary and air freshener, and many other household cleaning products that offers solution and alternative income will be practically produced before your eyes.

This is your time to start generating extra income or even start a new business line.

We will you teach where and how to sell your product

how to source your ingredients

You will also get an opportunity for field work when you are ready

What are you waiting for?

Don't miss this for anything else.

Date: Saturday December 15, 2018

Time: 9.00 am on the dot.

Venue: No 4 Egbe-Isolo Road, Opposite MRS Filling Station, Jakande Estate Gate, Ejigbo-Lagos.

Quickly call the following number for registration discount and seat reservation 08023982600 or 08037470173. You can also chart with us on WhatsApp

Seminar fee: N12,500 (N10,000 for advance payment, transfers and registration)
GT BANK, ST Resources 001 5453 001
or UBA 101 0381 525.

This is your time to create your own brand and be on the shelf or better still start making your own product and make money selling them to a large population.

Attending this seminar is an opportunity to start living your dream of being an entreprenuer and generating endless income for yourself.

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