1. EXPOSES FAULTY SYSTEMS: COVID-19 Pandemic has the incredible power to expose faulty and fake systems: be it Health, food, religion, etc.

2. EXPOSES FALSE FRIENDS: Most friends don’t pick their friends’ calls again, (thinking the virus may be transmitted through phone calls), but actually not willing to help their friends except camera is brought to the scene..

3. ADJUSTS THE GLOBAL LOGICAL CLOCK: The world has been reset to default since creation; the global environment is for the first time in about two centuries resting from human activities.

4. GIVES INDIVIDUALS A RETHINK ON THEIR INSTANTANEOUS NET WORTH: The corona Virus pandemic which resulted in total lockdown in many parts of the world has given room for individuals to examine their personal net worth: how long can your present income, or savings take you if you wouldn’t go out to make more money.

5. PROVIDES OPPORTUNITY FOR PERSONAL/FAMILY RETREAT: One of the rare opportunities Covid-19 has provided is the ability of individuals to retreat either as individuals or as a family to reflect on their lives, and possibly tinker solutions to their lingering challenges.

6. PROVIDES TANGIBLE LESSONS TO NOTE FOR CHANGE: Some countries of the world were not structurally prepared to handle the emergency that came with Covid-19 outbreak; the pandemic has reminded such nations, Nigeria inclusive, to be ready at all times.

7. TAUGHT A MORAL LESSON ON THE IMPORTANCE OF HOME: Those who always think that other places except their home is better learnt their lessons the hard way; African leaders, particularly, Nigerians who always seek medical, educational, infrastructural, etc. refuge abroad soon realised that the safest place in the world is their home country. The simple slogan now is: IF YOU DO NOT FIX YOUR HOME (Nigeria) BY LEISURE, YOU’LL FIX BY EMERGENCY.

8. PROVIDES AN EQUALIZER THEORY: It was George Orwell in the book, Animal Farm, who said that, “All Animals are Equal, but some are more Equal than others.” Covid-19 came with the funny idea of starting with the “More Equal Animals” to ascertain the fact that no animal in the jungle is excepted from the natural articles of existence; what is sauce for the goose is equally palatable to the gander.

Covid-19 pandemic also has its positive side, particularly in a country like Nigeria where solid health care programme is not adequately planned and managed for the citizens, once you contract Corona Virus, you don turn government PIKIN be dat; u don enter clean environment, get adequate medical attention and chop better food till you’re tested negative. No forget say, dat place wey u go dey, light go dey 24/7, water nyafu-nyafu, and attention brekette😇😇😇

10. REMINDS AFRICANS OF THEIR AGE-OLD THERAPY: These Africans if you no slap them their heads no go carry sense. We had all forgotten our age-old treatment for malaria (uto-enyin), catarrh (obufipp) and cough (ikôñ), how on earth did we use to survive the giant mosquito bites of the African thick forest?! Or have you forgotten that the chloroquine was invented from bitter extracts of some herbs, balk, and roots of some African forest plants?! How did we suddenly forget our “pot-in-blanket” therapy that used to give us succour from strange disease aforementioned?!! Mbók thanks to Covid-19, let’s go back the traditional way (inbox me for details).

10.1. AGRICULTURE REMAINS THE MAINSTAY: The advent of Covid-19 has truly exposed the importance and indispensability of Agriculture as the mainstay of not only the economy, but of the entire human existence. During this emergency lockdown, some have money but cannot see food items to buy. Honestly, those who will have joy during this lockdown period are certainly those who are locked in with their little garden behind.

10.2. Thank you.

©Ernest Awakessien

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