The October 1st Public Holiday Skin care and household cleaning Summit Invite

The October 1st Public Holiday Skin care and household cleaning Summit Invite
Skin care and household cleaning product has become the fastest money making product to pitch tent with right now and this Practical Production Training Seminar with FREE Product like High quality liquid soap, various type of tablet Soap (carrot Soap, Black Soap, Bar Soap, Bathing Soap etc.) to go with will do the job
also the class will be producing body shower, Fruit gel, body wash for children, laundry and spray starch, toilet and tile cleaners, car and Laundry wash, body perfume and air freshener, and many other household cleaning products that offers solution to alternative income will be practically produced before your eyes. This is your time to start generating extra income or even start a new business.
What are you waiting for?
Household products are product people can’t do without on a daily basis. These are products that keep companies like PZ, Unilever, Procter & Gambler and many others smiling to the banks day in day out. The profit per day is always based on the number of users per day multiplied by a massive population like Nigeria.
Knowing how to practically produce these products as well as the secret of making profit selling them is important. No matter your financial capacity to start, small or large scale the profit just keeps coming in even when you are doing it from your home.
Home use cleaning and hygiene products like antiseptic, hand wash, bleach and toilet cleaners in home is now a must have, and this a huge money making opportunity for those who are willing to produce these items.
Laundry Gel and laundry starch for dry cleaners, body wash and multipurpose tablet soap for bathing and washing, air freshener, perfumes including organic soap like carrot soap, black soap and many more daily need products can go a long way to increase your income on a daily basis if you know the secret of producing and positioning your product in the market place. You can sell faster than even the conventional brand and also over take local marketers if can simply acquire these simple secrets.
How to register your business with CAC without a lawyer
How to turn your product into a brand
How to get your NAFDAC registration number in case you want
How to get your product sold in big supermarket and shops
How to do contract production and supplies
How to produce household cleaning and hygienic products of various quality and volume
How to start right from your home without equipment or machine
How to setup your production outfit with the smallest amount of capital.
Where and how to get all the materials you need for your production
Live practical packaging of products for all classes of market will also take place at the venue.
Training date, Time and registration for the practical class call us on 08037470173, 08023982600 and to be part of huge Discount with free product to sell or use visit

Venue: No 4, Egbe-Isolo Road, Opposite MRS Filling Station, Jakande Estate Gate, Ejigbo, Lagos.

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