Solve Cardiovascular Issues with supplement

TIENS BENEFICIAL CAPSULE is an Energy balanced cardio system organiser. Tiens beneficial capsules are a health care food supplemental composed of carotene, Gynostemma, Glycosides, Theopolyphenol and Vitamin C, prepared through meticulous process of modern technology. TIENS beneficial capsules are at multipurpose health care supplements especially for people living in an anoxic environment as it can remove free radicals in patients with sequel or carbon monoxide poisoning. These capsules can help to extend the capacity of one’s lungs, therefore, increasing oxygen intake, for people working in an environment with automobiles, airplanes or steamships over an extended period of time these tablet’s are especially important. Functional studies performed by the health control organisation authorized by the ministry of public health in China showed that TIENS beneficial capsules have the health care functions of increasing the tolerance of anoxia. Administration of this health care product provide a health, care effect against anoxia of the myocardium, chest distress, agnina pectoris and arrhythmia. Main Benefits includes Anti-inflammatory; assist with cardiovascular functions; combating fatigue; increase stamina; assist with cardiovascular functions; combating bad breath and improving memory.
Build the immune system. it works on the lungs and heart to fight disease attacking these parts stronger than Ginseng and useful for stroke. it is also Suitable for Diabetes;
those who concern about their immune system and people with cardiovascular problems. Tiens beneficial capsules is a Cell Rejuvenation Capsules that combines gynostemma – a Far Eastern “longevity herb” with carrot – popular around the world. This extraordinary combination provides a number of benefits for our health and beauty as the ingredients of the supplement include almost all vitamins, minerals, and biologically active compounds, which regulate the function of the body on the cellular level.
Tianshi Beneficial capsule is specifically designed to balance the Yin and Yang energies in your cardiovascular system. Beneficial capsule assists the body in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and promoting the healthy functioning of your heart and immune system. It is particularly very beneficial in lowering blood pressure by reducing triglycerides and LDL (bad) cholesterol while increasing HDL (good) cholesterol.
Its function on the adrenal process aids healthy immune system and supports fast recovery from illness. Beneficial capsules as the name implies is so good that it among other things is antineoplastic at the rate of 80%, it as a sedative value that automatically adjust the conditon of insomnia by its effect on the nevous system. An invaluable product for hypertension cases is Tianshi Beneficial Capsule.
Beneficial Capsule contains:
Ginostemma Pentaphyllum, Ginostemma Pentaphyllum is also known as longeyity ginseng. It has been used widely as an amazing herb for longevity in ancient time but only gained worldwide recognition about thirty years ago. In the early 70s. Japanese scientist discovered that Ginostemma Pentaphyllum contains active ingredients of Ginseng while extracting its sweet content.
Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an antioxidant nutrient that helps neutralize free radicals which may cause cellular damage in the body. (An antioxidant is one of many chemicals that reduce or prevent oxidation, thus preventing cell and tissue damage from free radicals in the body.) Vitamin C is important for synthesis of amino acids and collagen, wound healing, metabolism of iron, lipids and cholesterol.
Polyphenol: A kind of chemical that (at least in theory) may protect against some common health problems and possibly certain effects of aging.
Polyphenols act as antioxidants. They protect cells and body chemicals against damage caused by free radicals, reactive atoms that contribute to tissue damage in the body. For example, when low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol is oxidized, it can become glued to arteries and cause coronary heart disease

Contains natural products that act as cardiovascular
Useful for hypertension,diabetes and hyperlipidemia
Anti aging agent
Useful in erectile dysfunction
Type 2 diabetes
Oxidative stress
Acute ischemic myocardium
Cell damage
Wound healing
Tissue repair
Red blood cell production
Main Benefits
Anti- inflammatory; assist with cardiovascular functions; combating fatigue; increase stamina; assist with cardiovascular functions ; combating bad breath and improving memory.
Build the immune system
works on the lungs and hearth fight disease attacking these parts
stronger than Ginseng
Useful for stroke
Suitable for :
those who concern about their immune system
people with cardiovascular problems.
Contains 150 capsules

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