Money is Like a Fruit It ripens and falls off

Millions and Millions of PHCN Severance Package Head for the Drains “No, this is not my portion!” Truly it couldn’t be your portion and this is not a political statement. Okay probably a better headline would have sounded like “most bankers who receive severance packages during the banking industry crisis that lay off over 15,000 of them from their jobs exhausted the cash benefit few months afterward”. Yes as hefty as the some of the money they receive looked, all did disappear before their eyes. Now I am not talking about money being stolen or someone being attacked by armed robbers. Most of these ex-bankers could hardly give an accurate account of how their entire life reward went down the drain without a trace. The most interesting thing about the PHCN worker’s severance package is the fact that everyone now knows that you have received one big cash or you are expecting one big money from PHCN or government. The crowed of scavengers waiting to grab their own shares includes: friends, relations, neighbours (dupers, thieves, borrowers, problem carriers, scammers, fake idea givers and tire kickers). “You done hit” will be the most common language you hear form people’s lips. They forgot you are the one that worked for the money and not them. That is when all your village folks, town meetings and associations see your life and home as the best location for operation. You hear statement of demands like, uncle’s children have been driven out of school, great grandma is not feeling fine, nephew want to learn work or travel abroad, we just discovered you are from the royal family and it is your turn to carry a certain title. Ha, ha, ha! Once the money is finish all their problems are either solved or does not exist. And you are left alone for face the realities of your future that is if you ever survive it. I told my PHCN friend who I had sympathy for when I saw the danger ahead. After finding out that he does not know what to do with the money or even have the capacity utilize the money for investment or business “young man”, I said “once you get that money pretend it does not exist. Store it in a fix deposit or a saving account or invest in a conservative stock for one complete year when the dust would have died down and everyone including your wife would have forgotten you had such money”. This is simply because, for that one year, the spirit of frivolous spending would have left you alone and your mind would have been clear enough to determine what to do with the money or to critically look at solid opportunities you can take advantage of to generate sustainable long term income for your future or even in the immediate. At this stage of your life, in the case of PHCN, you will longer have opportunity to blame the government anymore for your inability to be rich or sustain yourself because; severance package means that the relationship you have with your employer has been severe or cut off. He or she is no longer responsible for your future remuneration. Nobody to strike to in order to be spoon fed. You are now responsible for your own destiny, especially now that you have to face the reality of also setting up a business where you have to also employ somebody and see what it means to pay salary monthly or look into an investment and see what it takes for it to make returns on your behalf. Now your money will be the one striking against your pocket or rather school fee, NEPA and other bills will all be battling to take a hold of your pocket. Home keep allowance and dependants are the once you will have to negotiate with and not your former employer, a reverse of what used to happen in the past. You will now see what it takes to be on the other side of the divide. I say welcome to the club.With these above stated fact, you don’t need to ask what happened to the bankers who were sacked from their jobs some years back, but paid huge sums of money for their back up or what would happened to the PHCN guys who are currently receiving their burden, oh sorry severance package. A lot of the bankers were so desperate in terms of what to do next to sustain themselves that some of them ended up plying such money into businesses they knew little or nothing about and in the process of the running such business they lost all their life entitlement to the winds. Those who where worst hits were those who fell for one of those online and offline investment schemes, these juicy, but fraudulent investment operated by unknown faces come with big promises to pay you money you did not work for with unbelievable returns on investment if supply your hard earn money in their programme. Using greed and desperation and expecting to hit one big cash at a go, some of these guys turned in their money for such investment gimmick that fly around like kites in the air only to regret after many months of waiting for nothing. The same goes with does that receive monthly salary and hit big at one go with one investment that needs no effort or intellect. How can you succeed in anything that has to do with multiply money when you did not try your hands on risk when you were still comfortable? Putting your hands into business or investment under desperation spells to doom. You have never passed through the road of failure nor learnt excesses of success, but decide to jump in there because you now have sudden cash. Those who attempted a business and failed in past even when they did not have so much stands a better chance of success in the future. At least they have learnt some lessons and gained experience. You can imagine somebody who never did buying and selling when still a NEPA staff, wants open a super market with all his or her severance benefit. You have never produced a four litre jar of liquid soap from home when you were still working now you want to start a production factory. You have never planted a garden by the side of your house or in an empty plot somewhere in the outskirt when you were receiving constant salary now you want to use the whole life pension at a go to start large plantation or give to somebody to farm for you. Not even a small artificial pond or snail farm. You have not even trained local chicken and you want to set up a massive poultry farm with all your proceeds. You did not employ secondary school leaver to manage a phone center for you while you were still working; you want to quickly clear your entire bank account once your benefit is credited and go into recharge printing and voucher marketing. As the millions or hundreds of thousands are released to these guys who have spent months and months demonstrating for it without time to prepare for what the money will used for may likely go the same way the bankers went back to poverty looking for another employer of labour to sort out their future. Off course time does not fail to tell the end of the story as we watch. Are you looking for a business to do right now or an investment to make, that will put you on the map of the wealthy?

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