Best Governors In Nigeria

Only you in this world, you have never contributed to any body’s else school fees except your children
Many today in Lagos are the children of Jakende School, the man is still alive and well in his Nineties while his mate who embezzled the people treasury have long gone with no impact on the future generation.

As a governor, you cannot sleep in more than one bed at a time and your children can never become the president of the country where you spent all the civil servant salary to make sure the get the best education. In fact, Nigerians who have made the greatest impact educationally abroad are not children of Nigerian politicians. If you are a leader make an everlasting impact because that is what will count for you in future.

I will keep talking about anything positive

During the inspection of Jericho Specialist Hospital, Ibadan, Mrs. Thomson Tolulope knelt before GSM, requesting that the Bill of her son’s scan be paid (amount of 4 digits).

GSM checked the Bill and, out of his usual philantrophic gesture, said: “Madam, don’t worry, it is settled. Weep no more.”

In the end, Oyo Governor gave her more than the amount she requested for (amount of 6 digits)

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