The rate at which the Nigerian youth are embracing betting as a source of income and the number of bet companies and shops that open in all corners of our streets is quite alarming.

I am afraid that if something urgent is not done to curb the unwanted development then in no time we will have virtually all the young people walking around with white long betting tickets.

I am fully aware that even the old are involved in this but I am more disturbed when I see the youths engage in this act because the youth are supposed to be positioning themselves to take over the economy and leadership of this country.

But instead, they are less concerned with the happenings in the country and are most times after an easy way of making money

Due to the high level of unemployment, a majority of the unemployed even the employed has resorted to betting of all kinds just to make ends meet.

In as much as it comes with a promising and tempting return it also has its own negative impact on the person involved and with time it will have a ripple effect on society.

The Effects of Online Betting On Nigerian Youths

#1 Debt and Financial Embarrassment

Majority of the people who engage in betting are mostly a form of debt or another. They go to the extent of borrowing or even using monies that were entrusted to them to place a bet with the hope of winning and then paying them back after they must have made some profit.

I know someone who used the huge loan he collected for a project to place a bet with the hope of winning but unfortunately the whole funds went down the drain.

#2 Frustration, Anger and Suicidal

When you come in contact with those who have lost a bet it is always red with frustration and laced with intense anger. Over time these may degenerate to depression and if care is not take the person may consider suicide as an option.

#3 Laziness and Poverty

Generally, once you start engaging yourself in betting your mentality and attitude towards hard work will drop drastically.

This is because you will begin to feel that you can make a lot of money just with little effort.


You begin to believe that someday you will become a millionaire by just a single winning. This will ultimately lead you into perpetual poverty.

#4 Conflicts in Relationships and Lack of Vision

Definitely, I don’t think any person would want to associate with someone that is obsessed with betting.

It destroys one’s relationship with friends, and even family as the person will mostly isolate himself from other people especially when they are being rebuked.

The person will lack vision, and can barely focus or concentrate on work or anything.

Finally the earlier we realize the damage betting is doing on us as a Nation the better because it may get to a time that the effects would have become so bad that a fix might be nearly impossible.


Thank God gambling is not part of my bad habit

Gambling is addictive.

Gambling makes one to be lazy intellectually ( waiting for free money)

Gambling makes one to be aggressive unnecessarily(e.g if 12 out of the 15 games you selected already came through, the remaining minutes /hours for the remaining 3 matches always makes one to be so anxious and aggressive.

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