Black Soap making the Secret to raw cash

The uniqueness of the African black soap brands or other soap of it kinds cannot be over emphasized. You may call them local soaps, but their success stories have proven that African entrepreneurs can compete profitably with the big soap brands across the globe.
Indeed, Dudu Osun, the Local Nigerian Soap Brand Has Travelled the World. Yes, the Africans used locally-made black soap for centuries has become a household name in foreign countries.
Made from wood ash, local oils and herbs, the black soap is used to cleanse, nourish and protect the skin.
Based on its age-long use and proven benefits, a Nigerian entrepreneur decided to ‘package’ this local product into a commercial success and international hot-selling brand. The Dudu Osun owner decided to adopt grandma method of producing soap with all it God given natural ingredients that science is yet to discover it potent efficacies to skin and the body.
The natural black soap molded by hand and made entirely from natural ingredients (like Cocopod ash, honey, shea butter, palm kernel oil and aloe vera), Dudu Osun markets itself as a 100-percent natural and biodegradable soap that contains no preservatives or artificial colours.
These selling points have attracted Dudu Osun to millions of natural beauty enthusiasts around the world, especially dark-skinned people within and outside Africa.
Today, Dudu Osun (which literally means ‘black soap’ in Yoruba, one of Nigeria’s major languages), is sold on the international market through and several distributors across the Caribbean, North and South America and Europe.
Looking through some of the product reviews on Amazon for Dudu Osun soap, it’s not a surprise why this product has become such a huge commercial success. exposes the sources of it major raw material Cocopod ash, an ingredient made from casing of the cocoa seed
People from all over the world, including white-skinned people, share their positive experiences with Dudu Osun. Several satisfied and loyal customers say it “restores damaged skin and helps to heal acne, freckles, dark spots and chronic skin diseases like eczema.”
By using naturally available ingredients, an entrepreneur took the initiative to transform a common and taken-for-granted local soap into an international delight.
Africa has lots of amazing materials (such as local herbs, wood, oils and spices) that can replicate the Dudu Osun success story. Shea butter, Coconut oil, and Aloe vera are just a few of many local African ingredients used to manufacture different hair, skin care and beauty products around the world.
Can you make a local soap recipe that could change your world?
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