Businesses you can do in Nigeria Right now

Nigeria is big market internationally, forget about the economic crunch it is currently facing. You may want to ask Why Foreigner are Trouping into Nigeria In spite of the Recession. This may just be because it has as a nation with so much vast resources depended on its valuable oil resources. And off course this has only profited a selected few
It is important to identify business opportunities in many other untapped areas, especially as the nation heads toward her independent celebration. We may be politically independent, but economically we are still tied to the hook. This is the time to free yourself and get your own economic independent. The options are much to tap from in our great country as far your eyes can imagine.
The Nigeria fields are so rich with opportunities. Now, I don’t mean the oil field, but the business field and other areas begging to be tapped into by Nigeria, especially now that dollar has made imported items exclusive.
Starting from the Food industry from raw farm commodity production to processing and export, the opportunities are amazing. You can actually create an industry from this sector and that is where Dangote created his wealth from. Nigeria is a consuming nation both in food and other finished products.
Farming essential food items like rice Is one of the most profitable area of agriculture in Nigeria right now as dollar hike has taken a toll on the price of that commodity. You may also want to look at vegetable and catfish farming for the export market. You can do small, medium and large-scale farming. The advantage is that it is self-sustaining
Another area which is highly untapped is the information technology and the internet access area. You can imagine the kind of money communication networks like MTN, Airtel etc. are making selling data and that is because people are using it for one thing or the other, hence providing services using this medium can be a gold mine for revenue generation. This is an area where the Indian population of youths are cashing in on in mass. This area cuts across boarders and can create massive wealth for individuals who are talented in software technology. Most businesses and organization are online and they need maintenance services, online structures and e-commerce marketing etc. This is where the future of business lies. You need to take advantage of this.
The service industry is highly lucrative. It is rated as the highest revenues generator after oil especially in this times of crude oil crash and power issues for big time manufacturers who spend so much making money for diesel suppliers. The service industry is the largest employer of labour today after manufacturing it include sale and supplies, transportation, haulage and logistics, cleaning services, the supply of consumables just to mention a few.
The small scale production business in now in the heart of it all, especially with production businesses that requires little or no energy to propel you can produce products that can sell hot in the public market. A good example is the Ghanaian detoil, when it came into the market many thought it will not stand the test of time because of established brands already existing, but today this brand has taken over the street leaving the recognized brand on the shelves to compete.
No doubt production business is booming in Nigeria. And just as our population rising and you need food to support this growth therefore People must eat no matter how the economy looks like. And because they must eat they must also wash their hands and the plates afterward. This is on a daily basis or else bacterial and infection will take over their kitchens.
There are plenty of opportunities depending on how you look at it. So many restaurants, so many eateries, so many dry cleaning and laundry outfit. People must wear clothes and wash them. The supply of utility materials to these outfits can lead you into setting up a small production outfit around your house. The investment is not as huge. This business has the ability to generate for your consistent income.
I have a friend who is a contractor and also keep a regular job, but told me that whenever there is cash draught in the home as a result of his money stocked in some deals, he simply turns to the wife production business where he invested in, for temporal remedy.
Production business has the ability to bring in consistent income that is why Dangote is there permanently. It a business that generate little drops of water that fills the ocean. Once you can invest in producing daily need product you are sure going to keep getting clients. read more from
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