Can Money Transmit Coronavirus

Yesterday(22/04/2020), I read that about 25% percent of those with Covid-19 in Nigeria have no travel history or contact with infected persons. That’s according to the NCDC.

Now this is possible, it was first observed in Italy, and later in the US.

You can be locked in at home, and the virus still meet you there. One means by which that can happen is MONEY, cash!

Yea, long ago during one of my safety trainings, I learnt that money(cash) is the most exposed ‘entity’ in the universe. That money in your hand, depending on how long it has been in circulation, most likely has traveled more than you. So even before Covid-19, I had learnt to wash my hands after every contact with cash. This is difficult, but I have done it for over 6years now and it has become part of me.

This is important because people can sanitize their hands, and right afterwards dispense cash. Our idea of washing hands is mostly after meeting people or touching frequently touched surfaces out there, and not after touching money, especially at home. So we may buy biscuit or groundnut, pay for it and start eating right away. It’s normal, but these are not normal times.

Now scientists have not really proven how long the virus can last on things like paper money. You may not be able to sanitize every cash with you, but you sure can sanitize your hands after every cash transaction. So add that to your routine this season, to wash your hands after every contact with cash.

You sure know I didn’t write this to scare you. I wrote to inform, knowledge is power!

God bless you.
Obinna Asole

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