COVID-19 Does Not Show on Faces Time to Get Your Body Defense Up and Running

According to reports everyone is at risk of being exposed to COVID-19, but not everyone can be sick of it and then even those who become sick not all of them can be subdued by it or even die from it.
You may quickly ask why?
The answer is simple! The strength or capacity of your immune system is an important factor. Your immune system is the confidence you have of being much safer in this period of pandemic.
Do you know that most complications people have are because of the low or weak immune system their body has; its inability to defend itself against bacteria, viruses, parasites and ultimately fight infections.
Here is what you can do in this period:
You need to boost your immune system to stand against viruses
You need to deal with any other complications that could weaken your immune system
You need to have a good digestive system this particular period, eat well
And you need to take the right nutrients to sustain your body for daily functionality.
Make sure you are not sick as your body system may likely be over stress to fight too many battle at a time and may likely get exhausted even before any COVID 19 experience.
Yes, you can do preventive protection like Social Distancing
Social distancing is an effective strategy to reduce physical interaction between people towards delaying and reducing the spread of COVID-19 in a community.
This measure involves strict adherence to:
Non-contact greetings (avoiding shaking of hands and hugs)
Maintaining at least 2 metres (5 feet) physical distance between yourself and individuals and;
Closure of activities that will cause any form of gathering including schools, houses of worship, and social events.
All these are okay, but we all know that in spite of all these rules, people still make their personal mistake as the issue of strict adherence can be very tough. The bottom line is when it finally happens, how have you prepared your body defense to fight against this common enemy.
Your best bet is to start working on your body defenses now through the food you take, the exercise you do how you expose yourself to weather condition and finally the kind of food supplement you are taking, especially if you are the type that work a lot or face a lot of stress or you have cross the forties.
You to be on strong supplements and here are the ones that have been working for those who faced the very serious pandemic and survived to tell the stories, some Chinese were able to fortify themselves against the pandemic both as preventative and recovery strategies by using the Tiens Cordyceps and the body Antilipemic green tea. These two products are strong immune boosters.
For the Canadians, they used the MAX Cellgivity supplement much goes to boost the immune capacity of the entire body cell. With this it was possible for the cells to fight against invading coronavirus
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