Covid 19: Staying Indoors is Bad Science and Bad Policy by Aniedobe

The immune system is very complex and very few doctors and scientists understand how it works. But we need not understand it all. Some things are better left to nature, by far, the greatest scientist.
Many scientists have correctly called that boosting our immune system is the number one defensive mechanism against Covid -19. Without a doubt, that is correct.
Then they advise you that you should stay in your house in order to avoid getting infection. Without a doubt, that is a wrong particularly for Africans. Hear me out.
Why is staying indoors in the Spring and Summer or in warm climates the worst ways to fight infections?
The answer is Vitamin D. Your body needs a whole lot of both Vitamin C and Vitamin D for your immune system to be in its best fighting shape.
Accompanying this nontechnical presentation is a review article on the role of Vitamin D on your immune system. Feel free to read if you have the training to understand it. If you don’t, here is a layman’s summary for you.
1. You need plenty of vitamin C to stimulate your body to make immune system cells. Take Vitamin C supplements and drink plenty of lemon tea to maintain fighting shape against Covid.
2. Supplement your zinc intake to up to 100 mg a day. Zn is necessary for the proper functioning of many enzymes that play a role in your natural defense mechanisms.
3. You need plenty of vitamin D which helps to mobilize your immune system components to the site of attack.
Think about it this way. If you have soldiers (vitamin C helps to make the soldiers) and you can’t take them to the war front (Vit D helps in that) then you lose the war against infections.
Q: Where do we get Vitamin D from?
A: By far, the number one source of Vitamin D is the sun hitting our skins. Those who cannot go out to the sun should supplement their diets with Vitamin D supplements.
Q: Why do infections kill more in cold weather than warm weather?
A: Cold weather makes us stay indoors and that is when our Vitamin D levels are lowest.
Q. So you are saying that people who live in sunny areas have greater fighting chance against Covid than people who live in temperate climates and it has a lot to do with Vitamin D?
A. Precisely. We cannot ask people to stay indoors and risk serious depletion of their Vitamin D particularly blacks and Africans.
Q. Why do you say blacks and Africans?
A. Because blacks who live in cold climates need far more sun exposure than whites to make vitamin D. Staying indoors hurts everyone at a time when they need the best fighting chance against Covid. Many black folks who live in temperate climates have severe vitamin D deficiency and are in no way able to fend off infections.
Q. I am beginning to get it. So one of the reasons why old people die more easily from infections is because they stay indoors too much and become vitamin D deficient.
A. Precisely.
Q. What are natural sources of Vitamin D?
A. Vitamin D is fat soluble so best food sources are fatty foods and fish oil. But, your body makes 300 times more Vitamin D in just 30 minutes of staying in the sun than you can get from food.
Q. You talked about nature being the greatest scientist. What does that say about sun exposure and vitamin D?
A. Because vitamin D is vitally important to fight infections and have healthy bones, God made sure that our body can make it just by staying out in the sun.
Q. So are you saying that we should be moving around in the sun and risk catching Covid?
A. No. You should come out from your house and soak up sunlight in your backyard or frontyard. Feel free to wear your face mask. But if you continue hiding inside your house and become Vitamin D deficient, you risk succumbing to Covid and other infections.
Q. So, what is your conclusion?
A. The world needs the sun more than anything right now. Hot weather will dry off respiratory droplets much faster and reduce its infectivity. The sun exposure will also help people build up their vitamin D levels.
Q. What is your advice to people like Dr Fauci and other infections disease specialists.
A. They are looking for high cost nuclear weapons such as vaccines to use to obliterate Covid and ignoring nature. That is a mistake. Americans should take advantage of the spring and come out with their face masks on and soak up serious sunlight. The entire world should do that not just Americans. Many doctors such as Dr Fauci went through medical school without training in nutrition.
Q. So you would recommend high dose vitamin D supplementation for all people in temperate climates?
A. Yes. Vitamin C at least 2000 mg a day. Vitamin D at least 8000 iu a day. Zinc. at least 100mg a day.
Q. How about doctors dealing with Covid Patients, particularly those in ICU?
A. It should be considered malpractice to be treating anybody who is vitamin D, vitamin C and Zinc deficient and has infectious disease. It shows poor understanding of immunology and nutrition. Having adequate levels of these key vitamins should augment any other management. For viral infections, it may well be all the body needs.
Q. But if someone has symptoms but not in acute respiratory distress, what should the doctor do in addition to recommending isolation?
A. The doctor should advise the patient to supplement their vitamin C, vitamin D and Zn levels while in isolation and encourage the person to go soak up some sunlight with their face masks on.

The Sun Is Your Best Source of Vitamin D
When your skin is exposed to sunlight, it makes vitamin D from cholesterol. The sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays hit cholesterol in the skin cells, providing the energy for vitamin D synthesis to occur. Vitamin D has many roles in the body and is essential for optimal health
15 minutes for a person with light skin
a couple of hours for a person with dark skin
Very few foods contain significant amounts of vitamin D, so people can ensure they get enough of the vitamin by scheduling regular time outdoors.
Timing for getting the Vitamin
15 minutes for a person with light skin
a couple of hours for a person with dark skin

Very few foods contain significant amounts of vitamin D, so people can ensure they get enough of the vitamin by scheduling regular time outdoors.
These people may find themselves at risk of vitamin D deficiency, including:
older people
people with darker skin
people who are obese
people with kidney or liver disease
Some foods are higher in vitamin D than others. Eggs, sardines, and salmon naturally contain vitamin D. Also, manufacturers fortify most milk and some brands of yogurt and breakfast cereals with the vitamin.
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