Dual Metabolic And Weight Loss SLIMMING TEA

Tiens Dual Tea is a powerful detoxifying tea blend made from natural ingredients loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and ECGC that help improve people’s overall health. With a delicious citrus taste and organic caffeine boost, Fit Tea is the healthiest lifestyle drink our customers love! Dual Metabolic, weight loss, and slimming Tea is a detox and a weight loss tea that really works. The benefits of taking this special and very effective tea are as follows: it burns fat, Lipids &Carbohydrates. Reduces pot belly/underarm fatGives Trim/ shapely / Smart looksDetoxifying and cleansing TeaRelieves Bloating /Aids Digestion /metabolism.useful in hypertension / OedemaIt increases bowel movement which in turn purges out waste products and high in antioxidants. Reliefs fatigue and hydrates the body.
cleanses the body 
and improves the skin looks

No Exercise is needed Dieting/ No starvation but eat less of carbohydrates more of Protein & Fibre[ it helps more. No Side EffectsTea can help burn fat and calories.
Assists in the increase of metabolism in the human body.The combination of herbs makes it a refreshing natural drink.Promotes cleansing, detoxification, and healthy digestion.Has laxative properties.Fat Burners for Women for dietary supplementsnatural weight loss pills that work fast.for lose fat from your arms, hips, or gutmetabolic booster increasing your metabolism, helping you to burn fat, lose bodyweight,green tea extract.

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