Essential Oils and their Benefits

Essentials Oils are are oils that are directly plant based with wholesome extraction processes. Essential oils are made from leaf, bark, flower, seed, or root oils. They should be extracted through steam distillation or compression, not solvent extraction.

There are many rules good companies will follow, such as when to harvest and how. In the end, we are presented with oils that are not just wholesome, but when used properly are extremely healthy.

If essential oils are healthy, then why should they only be used carefully?
Essential oils are potent. Many must be diluted or they could burn your skin. They can also effect your different internal systems in a powerful way when applied to the skin or even inhaled. For example, when I was just learning about essential oils I breathed in cloves essential oils to kill the bacteria from the cough I was coming down with. It worked great! I got well so quickly. Problem is, it messed up my…womanly cycle within hours!! I realized that I needed to do a lot more research.

Great thing is, there are some great resources out there to learn more about essential oils so you can use them to cure cold sores, acne, upset stomachs, headaches, sinus infections, joint pain, and on and on. I was skeptical at first, but I have seen over and over again the great effects.

There is not just one, but many essential oils that are renown for their calming, relaxing effects. Everyone’s body chemistry is different so there is not one magic concoction out there that’s perfect for everyone, but you can easily decide what works for you by using…your nose.

Essential Oils to Help you Sleep
I’ve divided these oils into two categories, because some people find it hard to just calm down, de-stress, let go and relax. While others struggle with anxiety, sadness, depression, and emotional issues that cause them to lose sleep. hopefully you can find the oil that you love the most.

My personal favorites are Ylang Ylang and Patchouli (not together) and Frankincense and Clary Sage (together). I have a Patchouli soap, as well as a Frankincense/Clary Sage soap that truly is aromatherapy for me. And I use Ylang Ylang as a perfume. It is so calming for me. To each their own, so follow your nose and what your senses tell you.

Some of these should not be used if you are pregnant

Tangerine – calming, soothes inflammation, promotes good cell growth and helps to cleanse blood.
Melissa – soothes digestion, great for the stomach, reduces fevers, lowers blood pressure, calms, and heals nervous system disorders.
Clary Sage – can effect hormone balance by increasing libido and can cause contractions, lowers blood pressure, and helps to heal and cleanse uterus.
Lavender – Very mild. Can be used on children. Can reduce skin inflammation, calms nervous system, and calm an upset stomach
German and Roman Chamomile – do not use if you’re allergic to ragweed. Heals nervous system, eases digestion
Patchouli – uplifts, fights depressions, promotes good cell growth, helps to cure fever and reduce inflammation from fever
Valerian – calms and relaxes nervous system, often used for menstrual cramps, restless legs, tension headaches.
Using Essential Oils to Help You Sleep

Jasmine – considered an anti-depressant
Bergamot – anti-viral, anti-bacterial, relaxes nervous system, increases metabolism causing an uplifting feeling. Don’t use in sunlight.
Orange – uplifts, fights depressions, increases libido and eliminates gas, good combo 🙂
Sweet Marjoram – anti-aphrodesiac so be aware, but also an antiviral and pain killer, uplifter and anti-depressant.
Ylang Ylang – soothes nervous system and reduces blood pressure. Increases libido.
Vetiver – can effect hormone balance, boosts libido, lifts mood, boosts immune system and calms at the same time.
A website I greatly appreciate to help learn more about essential oils is Organic Facts and Experience Essential Oils. Consult these and other sources to learn more about essential oils before using them. They are powerful oils.

Using Essential Oils to Help you Sleep
There are definitely different ways essential oils can be used. A few are:

In a Defuser– So that you can lie there and take slow, deep breaths of the aroma in the air. Whether you opt for the best Tea Tree oil in India or you’ve asked a relative to ship lavender oil from America, hopefully, you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep and feel completely relaxed.
Don’t want to get a defuser? Just inhale slowly 10 times. If you can smell it, then you are breathing in tiny particles. Not only are those particles able to enter your bloodstream via your lungs, but we react physically to smells initially as well.
Take a Bath – Draw up a nice warm bath and put 15 drops or so of your favorite oil in the bath water. Not enough? Place those drops on a clean, dry washcloth and lie with it on your chest in the tub.
Use Shower Discs – make up some essential oil infused shower discs that will let off an aroma as they dissolve on your shower floor. Find a recipe HERE.
Apply directly to the skin. Most essential oils must be diluted first, otherwise they can be too strong for your skin and even burn you. Dilute the oil in something like sweet almond, grape seed, mango, or apricot oil at a ratio of 5 drops carrier oil to 1 drop other essential oil. Some that do not need to be diluted are lavender, ylang ylang, and patchouli. Lavender is safe to use on children’s skin. But as always, everyone is different so try on a wrist first and see how you react. Apply to the temples, sinus cavities, wrists, below ears, bottom of feet. This is nice because you can do it in bed without even getting up (keep the oils on your bedside table).

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