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      Do you know what happens when the naira crashes against the dollars? More exporters smile to the bank with more dollar earnings, they simply become richer and richer as the local currency slices downward. The world richest Chinese man today is an exporter and Nigeria is just begining to tap into this enermous wealth opportunity. Come and join me in this lucrative business as I take you through the process.

There are lots of international businesses
out there waiting for you and you can take advantage of the dollar cash flowing from one country to the other

All Over The World There Is Nothing As Good As Earning Dollars Selling Goods Internatioanlly It Does Not Only Generate Money For The Individual It Also Goes A Long Way To Boost The External Reserve Of A Country This Is The Strongest Desire Of Every Nation And Now You Have The Chance To Join The Team Of Those Who Are Making This Cash

Imagine, we never knew how big our economy is until recently. The rebasing of the Nigerian economy has given the country commodities a greater advantage in the international market and opportunity to export more of them as well. We all know that dollars has become the hottest currency in demand in Nigeria right now and whoever have it is a king.

Nigeria exports crude oil to the world and earns dollars that is why we are rich, but the story has changed recently as our crude oil supply has dropped, but we still need dollars to purchase raw materials for industry and off course do other things.

How can we become part of the dollar making opportunity right here?

Simple: When we export processed or unprocessed goods and commodities, we earn dollars, add value and create jobs. The Nigeria exports was well over $4 billion (N620 billion) in year 2014. This figure went up the more as oil price crashed below $50 at the beginning of 2015. You need to be part of this boom.

More on the heat is the fact that the naira has not only deepened against the dollar, during this same period there was also a greater need to grow the Nigeria economy with other alternatives apart from oil export. All these added to together has made the export market more advised as the best source for making Nigerians rich since government policies are looking on this side of the pendulum.

Yes the rise in the non-oil product export sector is rapidly growing on the hills of crude oil price crash and the current Federal Government's policy and support for the non-oil industry, especially agriculture is giving the export market an opportunity of diversifying into different products. 
As at the last count Nigeria exports over 120 products to different countries. While raw commodities still dominates the market in terms of volume of export, small scale export is gradually improving it stalk in value added products as a result of new rules from foreign countries concerning import of food items from Nigeria. 
With this, you can specialise in raw commodities or you can export value added products or you can do both. The coast is now clear and it is time to make money, because the falling dollars is to your advantage the more dollars goes up against the naira the more exporters smile to the bank with more cash. even when the dollar is failing, you still needs a lot of it to import raw material that is why the Beautude-change and the Mallams are on the street doing dollar business while exporters do the csh supply. You can imagine who earns more.

You Can Decide To Start Small Or Go Big Time The Choice Is Your

The opportunity for exporting goods to foreign countries is massive and there are two entry levels. It is either you are doing large scale export or you are doing small-scale commodity sales.

For beginners, the small scale export is better as the large scale export is mainly for manufacturers and those who can deploy enough capital to gather a large volume of commodities in containers and large vessels even though there are middle ground that make it quite simple and easy for the lay man to participate. Don't just burder about the money, because most big time exporters do not use their money. There are export financing instruments that you can easily access for this business.

You must chose the kind of product you intend to export because that could also determine your level of participation for example raw commodities do not require any machine for processing as it can be exported raw, manufactured product may need more regulation for product to be exported abroad and food commodity may need special processing or packaging to be able to enter foreign country of delivery.

You will see more on this as you read on. Now let look at how we can participate in this business.

earning Euro from  Export

These Are The Things You Got Learn To Be Successful In This Business. Call Them Secret Recipes For Success In Export Business Or Simply Put:

Everything You Need To Know About Export Business In Nigeria


How to do big, small scale and medium scale export business
How to start by choosing your level of participation or entry
How to finances the different export processes 
Food stuff export business complete guide
How to overcome export obstacles for some countries 
Best commodities, foodstuff and other things to export
All you need to succeed in the food export business with step-after-step process for exporting food stuff
How to start your export business using NIPOST
How to receive payment for exported goods and products 
Using cargo and air to ship food items
How to send food stuff through courier companies
Hot commodities to export
How to use government agencies like AGOA, NAFDAC, SON, BOI, etc to succeed in export business
Compliance standard documentation and procedures to follow

How to get contacts for export and contacts or places to export your goods to

How to and where to showcase your product to the international communities

And remember -- this is not all!

Have you ever thought of the kind of money guys abroad are making sending their goods down to Nigeria and some of these goods are even second hand, fairly used or tokumbo? think of it. These guys are rich! And the reverse is the case if you can start sending local commodities abroad for cash returns.

Even with all of these Know-how... There's MORE!

...And many more!

The Foodstuff Market is huge, especially for Nigerians scattered abroad who own stores, super market and restaurant in foreign Countries. With over 25 million Nigerian outside the country, the majority of them living in places like the United Kingdom (UK), US and Canada, Australia, etc, I bet you this business is still under served.

The food stuff export market affords you the opportunity of starting the export business on a small scale. Everyone need food and in this sense food commodity that are not found or grown in the place of needs or use. 
Trading our local food abroad has come to stay because of the increased population of our people traveling abroad for greener pastures and education. It is not uncommon to find foreigners selling Nigerian foods abroad or owning shops that sell such product that is because the market is available and China, apart from US and UK is the latest country to join the club of Nigeria food stuff destination. This is your best time to join this business.
The process is so simple, cheap and easy. From agricultural commodities to easily available food items or manufactured or processed finished or semi finished products you name it. The good thing about this is that the coast is now clear for any interested person intending to start earning hard currencies like Dollar, Euro or Pound:

There are commodities in high demand overseas with high prices while there are those with high demand but low prices, but all the same the opportunity to make money from these global markets is high and these products are gradually gaining more attention, because the place of Nigeria in global economic map. We are going to expose all the commodities in high demand abroad in this e-book


Creating Wealth From Export Business


The complete guide for exporting goods and commodities from Nigeria to other countries starting from the scratch and building sustainable revenue from international transactions

This is the Solution

This e-book contains all the wealth of information you need to suceed in the export business whether you are exporting goods in small scale or trading commodities in volume.

It covers every area

This resource material will not only hold you by the hand through the entire trading process, it will also guide you in all the paper works and avail you of all the contacts you need to suceed in this busness

Absolutely everything You Need

All the contact details that will make you seat in the comfort of your room and transact international export, commodity and resource transactions businesses and deals, moving goods from one country to another and earing foreign currencies at will is intact in this e-book. Get your copy now!

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Many people do not know that a nation's international trade is influence by the status of its currency. In order words, export and import business is generally controlled by currency fluctuations and devaluations. That is why the Chinese government will occasionally devalue its currency against other international currency like the dollar in order to gain more from it export business. In general terms, a weaker currency will stimulate exports and make imports more expensive, thereby decreasing a nation's trade deficit or increasing surplus. Therefore when the naira is weak against the dollar your profit from export becomes larger and bigger. Presently the Nigeria export arena is under tapped; hence there is a lot of room for new comers. This is an area of business where you do not have competitors, so what are you waiting for. Get all the knowledge you need to start making money from export business and this resource material is your key to starting out smoothly. In it, you will find among others:

Export Guide and steps

How to become an export broker 
mHow to export to US with or without NAFDAC seriuos isn't it 
mHow to source for commodities in Nigeria and source for buyers abroad
mHow to process product to International standard
mHow to package good to international standard

mWhat you need to know about pricing, quality control, etc
mHow to get possible buyers, Couriers companies to use 
mHow to understand payment term and mode Of Payment 
mHow To Raise Capital For Export Business

mHow to get paid for your exported goods and enjoy the multiplication effect of the dollar

Exposed In this e-book are: All the things you need in starting a successful export business

    How to discover products to export and the market you intend to export to
    mHow to understand the laws applicable in a country, state, or region before sending product.
    mFactors to be considered while starting an export business
    mHow to ascertain product pricing in export business
    mHow to reduce transaction related expenses and make more profit 
    mHow to source for suppliers and other important people in the business as well as government agencies to help you carry out your transactions The special challenges like competition, import and export control, differences in culture and how to counter them. as dollar rises against the naira, so much money to be made from export Business.
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  • .m How to export packaged product and the hottest product to export right now like vegetable and perishable goods is completely dealth with in a complete step guide. You can also have access to field work with Hope Eno your consultant

    Don't miss this opportunity.

How to work less doing export Business

Labour is an effort that can bring riches only if it is put in the right direction and some times your labour is reduced when you use the information and knowledge your brain has acquired

Time to Take This Life Changing Step to Dollar Money

This complete guide Export business Opportunity E-book has all it takes to get your commodity export business up and running profitably quickly make your order now and start out on a good note

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