Forbe Ladies Rihanna now the richest female-musician in the world

Rihanna a Barbadian native moved to the U.S. in 2005 from her home in the Caribbean and since then has given everyone a run for their money.
According to Forbes, Rihanna owes her huge success to her smart move into film, fashion as well as beauty products slowly moving from collaboration to owning some of the most influential brands in the world.
In 2017, she launched Fenty Beauty earning a reported $100 million in sales in its first few weeks and generated an estimated $570 million in 2018.
Her latest accomplishment, the launch of her FENTY clothing and accessories line under LVMH is also set to not only influence the fashion industry as strongly as her make up line also rake in several millions for the mogul.

Her makeup is top quality & her lingerie as well. She is the face of her products. Even if she doesn’t make music anymore, she will keep reigning on her lane for life and a typical black American World’s Richest Female Musician.

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