How African Richest Woman Weathered the Storm in Tense Moment

How African Richest Woman weathered the storm to Climb the ladder of wealth competing with Men on Forb’s List of World Richest Persons
I had the privilege of listening to Folorunsho Alakija – one of Africa’s richest women at the Daystar’s Excellence in Leadership Conference, and her story is a strong one!
Can you imagine pumping money into a business or project for 18 years before seeing any results?
***It took her 3 years to get her oil license
***Her company spent 15 years before they struck the first oil (15 years of digging and heavy spending with no returns)
***They had a lingering court case they won after 12 years
***Famfa Oil spent 21 years before they were successful
Virtually everyone would love to be a billionaire like her, but very few people are willing to pay the kind of price she paid to get here, little wonder why there are few billionaires a lot of the iconic successes we celebrate today, all had intense work, before they had any remarkable accomplishment

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