How African Richest Woman weathered the storm to Climb the ladder of wealth competing with Men

Yes a Nigerian woman is on the world map competing with Men on Forb’s List of World Richest Persons. Folorunsho Alakija’s  story is a strong one!
Can you imagine pumping money into a business or project for 18 years before seeing any results?
It took her 3 years to get her oil license and spent 15 years before they struck the first oil (15 years of digging and heavy spending with no returns)
she had a lingering court case they won after 12 years and her company Famfa Oil spent 21 years before they were successful
Virtually everyone would love to be a billionaire like her, but very few people are willing to pay the kind of price she paid to get here, little wonder why there are few billionaires a lot of the iconic successes we celebrate today, all had intense work, before they had any remarkable accomplishment

This world’s richest woman in Oil and Gas started as a fashion designer and Right Here in Nigeria
You will never be afraid of joining the big guys in the business world when you discover how they started, even one of the world’s richest women started as a fashion designer. Even though oil and gas business houses the most wealthiest billionaires in Nigeria, but 80% of them started with virtually nothing and not even as engineer or had anything to do with the profession. How did they then quietly become rich entrepreneurs in the petroleum industry? Good question. The likes of Femi Otedola of Forte Oil, Wale Tinumbu of Oando, Mike Adenuga of ConOil, Folorunsho Alakija of Famfa Oil, Frederick Akinruntan of Obat Oil, Jimoh Ibrahim of Global Fleet Oil and Gas, Sayyu Dantata of MRS Group, Oba Otudeko of Honeywell Oil & Gas, Ifeanyi Ubah of Capital Oil and Gas just to mention a few.Like I said before, most of them started small and not even with a career in the oil industry. For example Wale Tinunbu of Oando is a lawyer doing oil and gas mid stream far from what he read in the university. there some who never saw the four walls of the university, yet millionaires trading on petroleum products.Okay, let’s look at the start-up profile of Africa’s richest woman, Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija, she started with a career in banking as a secretary and went on to study fashion designing which she used to incorporate her fashion company and launch herself as a business woman. She later decided to float an oil company, called Famfa Oil. This preparation gave her the opportunity to win an oil prospecting license, to explore and exploit Nigeria oil; today she sells crude oil for cash with less effort.You can start from anywhere, simply acquire the knowledge and find out the area you can easily fit in as your preparation, because you never can tell when the opportunity will knock at your door. When preparation meets with opportunity access to success is inevitable. For more visit

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