How to access the Vast Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Industry

The opportunities in the petroleum is a nice one, but let face the fact, you may cry till tomorrow about fuel subsidy, scarcity and in fact the corruption that bedeviled the oil industry, until you are part of those making it happen the massive revenue generated daily will not come into your pocket for crying out loud. Even the young girl on the street selling fuel regularly knows the streams of income she generate daily from selling fuel by the road side for bikes, tricycle riders and generator users. They virtually use this proceeds to feed their family on a daily basis small as it may seems. And during fuel scarcity these road side dealers can easily change their ward rope, build houses or gather money to go into other business from proceeds of fuel sales
You may not want to trade that low, but check this out.
How about getting into the big one, fuel trading on a medium and large scale, I am not talking about the black market men who parade the street with kegs of fuel looking for buyers, because that business is seasonal only when there is fuel scarcity.
The huge amount made in fuel business is made from turn over and not from profit per unit sold; as you well know Nigeria is a largely populated nation and consuming several liters of fuel on a daily basis nationwide and that’s an advantage to every importer/ marketer and they know this; that’s why allocation for import is highly sorted for by many.
The quantity of product imported is enormously large and based on allocation. You can imagine importing 5,000 metric tones of fuel for purpose of receiving subsidy that is almost like 6million liters. Getting this into over 300 trucks has a multiplying effect on your bank account on a daily basis as these fuel roll out from filling stations.
If you are making just five naira per liter plus or minus every expenses, you just need to multiply the five naira by the number of liters that will come out of the number of metric tones you are allocated. I guess you should do the calculations yourself to determine whether you want to try this business or not.
Don’t forget the minimum allocation any individual can get is 30 metric tones and the 30 multiplied by about 6 million liters, I guess you are already sweating, doing these computations because of the enormous gains involved. You can see why so many guys up there are interested in the subsidy stuff, so much cash to make not only for those who have the license to import, but also for those who facilitate deals, simply find out how?
Well that not all.
There is also the downstream of these deals like distributions and associated deals like, storage, agents business that is those who make money without even spending a kobo just facilitating these deals, discharge trucking, contacts, etc. Get the report from
The gains are always big, that is why subsidy payment can be in the billions and trillions and only a few are tapping from the upper part of the fuel subsidy payment. But you can at least start from the end part if the initial part has been so politicized by getting into distribution if you can’t import.
Then the part that excite me most is the diesel part, because it is liberalized, anybody can do it if you know the how. This part drives a lot of activities from the high end to the low end; anyone can play the game and make some level of profit cash or no cash. After all, in the oil industry most of the rich folk out there don’t get there with their own money, but need knowledge to stay there. There are so many practicable opportunities in the Oil and Gas industry that you can do with or without your start up capital. You can make a choice on the area you want to get into that will be convenient for you part time full time or something by the side. Get the full report of the various businesses in the oil industry, simply reach us

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