How To Get An Export Licence In Nigeria for your Export Business In 72 hours.

Over the years the Export business has posed to be one of the most highly lucrative industry to venture into in Nigeria. One major interesting thing about the Export business is that it is a kind of business that is not limited by boundaries .It cuts across many countries, therein providing a larger market for exports.

Exportation of goods is a great medium for businesses to increase their sale potential.

If you are a medium or large scale business owner who already has a wide reach within the local market, you may wants to deversify going to into the Exportation business.

Moreover, the local markets are rapidly expanding by the and thus may become restrictive and be limiting for your business.

Well, as enticing as the global trade business may sound for any individual to venture into, there are some certain criteria that needs to be meet to successfully set up this business, which includes sourcing reliable miners finding international buyers, and as well as obtaining an export licence for your business.

These three are keys to success, but in the course today’s post will be shedding more light on how to get an export licence in Nigeria for your Export Business via the Nigerian Export Promotion Council:

What is an Export Licence?

An Export Licence is a certificate that gives you the authorization to embark on a certain type of export transaction.

This means that an exporter, looking forward to successfully carry out an export transaction a will be required by law to have an export licence.

Having this licence will, therefore grant you the permission to legally carry out a shipment of commodities which are approved by the government. The government agency in Nigeria responsible for granting and issuing this licence is the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC).

This government agency has the responsibility of issuing out Exportation Licences for the exportation of agricultural commodities and manufacturing goods.

How can i get an Export Licence in Nigeria.

Step One: Ensure you have a registered company and not a business name, as you cannot get an Export Licence in Nigeria with a business name, but only as a legally registered company.

Step Two:

Nonstop Information Resource nigeria-export-promotion-council-register How To Get An Export Licence In Nigeria for your Export Business In 72 hours.

Step Three:After signing up, click on “Register A New Certificate”

Nonstop Information Resource nigeria-export-promotion-council-register-a-new-certificate How To Get An Export Licence In Nigeria for your Export Business In 72 hours.

Step Four:Fill in your company details
on how to export click on

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