How to Make Great Sales on Jumia Online Store Business

Please note that Jumia does not allocate orders to the vendor’s store. The placing of orders is solely dependent on the customer, but you can easily turn this tide around by getting the customers to pull the trigger and gather loads of orders to your store on the Jumia website. You can actually make a lot of sales on Jumia using these secrets

I would like to share with you tips on how to improve your sales:

  1. Continually share the URL link to your store with your friends and family members on your social media pages. This would give your store more visibility, and furthermore improve your sales. Here is your store URL;
  2. Always ensure price checks are done periodically to give your store an edge over other competitive prices.
  3. Consult the promotion feature on Seller Center to take advantage of our various commercial pushes for vendors.
  4. Upload a wide range of genuine products and as always maintain the best prices to stay competitive.
  5. Make use of the Seller Coach feature which helps with recommendations on various topics like pricing, replenishment, content, etc. This assists in improving vendors’ experience on Seller Center and reducing some of the issues currently being experienced.

Not forgetting your operational performance remains vital to the growth of your business, we employ you to take note of the following as well;

  1. Maintain a good operational key performance indicator(process orders within 24 hours and ship them in the next 24 hours) as this qualifies you to participate in our promotions and increases your seller score.
  2. Take advantage of the full power of Seller Center thanks to the New Action Dashboard which is visible directly from the homepage of your Seller Center account, you will never lose track of your pending orders, Seller Score, Bestselling products, and Catalog audit.

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