How to move on Effectively in Life

You start a Monday rearing to go with all the greatest plans in the world and Friday comes along and its like….where did the week go? What did I achieve?

Here are 10 tips that I try to follow with varying degrees of success!
1. Focus on just two or three tasks and get them done
2. Learn to say “NO.” You will upset people but you just have to decline some invitations and focus on yourself for a change.
3. Start with a broad plan or your busyness will lead to nothing.
4. Eat the biggest frog first – start today with that call, proposal, an assignment that you’ve been putting off. It will make the week lighter.
5. Are you a perfectionist? It can be a huge burden – Get things done; they can’t always be perfect
6. Build in downtime – Go out to lunch, meet a friend.
7. Call someone that motivates you and uplifts you.
8. Make someone’s day; Buy them lunch, ask after them
9. Delegate Delegate Delegate
10. Drink loads of water.

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