How To Start A Bottle and Pure Water Production Business In Nigeria

Starting a bottling water company in Nigeria is a very lucrative and good business to invest in considering the population and the target market. The demand of clean water has expanded the market of Bottle water in Nigeria.

The Potential market place throughout Nigeria is unlimited and the very- growing population of Nigeria has made an added advantage for anyone to start, run and manage a bottle company efficiently in Nigeria. It is very good idea to start a bottle water company in Nigeria now with some limited capital and grow the business with time because there are currently a plan by the Federal government of Nigeria through a bill in the senate to ban the selling of Sachet water popularly known as pure water in many cities in Nigeria. They will also consider banning other polythene bags because of its impact in the Nigeria Environment. This will be a business boom for anyone who start the bottle water company soon in Nigeria.

Starting and running a bottle water company is very lucrative business in Nigeria and you can start with a starting-capital of between 1.8 Million Naira and 12 Million Naira for a start. You will also cover about 30 percent of your initial investment in one year because of the high demand of bottle water in Nigeria and within 3 years and half; you have made your initial start-up capital. If you manage your company properly with good management, operation strategy and marketing strategy, you may even cover the 100% initial investment within 2 years and half of starting the business.

Learn how to

Mineral water which is being used in every office, party, traveling, schools and in homes at many cities in Nigeria gives it an advantage and makes it one of the most profitable business one can invest in Nigeria.
Water which is the most and vital raw material needed for bottle water production in Nigeria is always available in every part of Nigeria considering that there are many sources one can use to get its raw material as Nigeria is blessed with many waters underneath the land and other spring waters.

1. Bottle Supplier is very crucial to consider because you need to find a reliable bottle production company that is a member of the International bottled water Association and you can sign up for a membership with them. You need them to supply the bottle plastic and cap for your bottle water company in Nigeria. You can find some bottle water supplier at Vconnect or Environmental expert and tradinz.

2. Water source is very essential because you need to have a very good water source that can be dependable for a long time. You can get a spring water, mineral water, bore hole or other sources and listing your source of water in your label gives you a good advantage and some people usually checks the sources of water before buying.

3. Machines needed for the water treatment, filtering , dispensers, sealers, and other things is very essential and you must make sure that the plant will use reverse osmosis, filtration and ozonator water treatment as this is standard set by NAFDAC ( National Agency for food and drug Administration and Control)for bottling water company in Nigeria.
4. Storage tanks is very important too as you need to store your water before pumping it into the machine and you can buy some of these tanks at ranging price of 48,000 Naira to 97,000 Naira base on the size of the tank.

5. Government Approval is very essential before you start producing or start selling and getting your approval is by registering with NAFDAC. It costs about 85,000 Naira to register with NAFDAC but I will advise to find some agents that work with NAFDAC officials to be able to fasten your registration process and they may demand up to 350,000 Naira to speed up and obtain the Approval for your company. They are recognized by NAFDAC and will also make the site inspection and approval to be easier and often go free. The license is renewable after every 5 years for bottle Water Company.

Other things will be:

• Fire extinguishers and prevention equipments.
• Alternate Power supply.
• Online Batch Number Printer.
• Trucks for delivering finished product.
• Offices for administration purposes.
• Office Equipments

 Study the Environment and research your target market.
 Get Your Business Plan.
 Look for Good Location.
 Buy or lease a land (at least 1,800 Sq) is enough.
 Build a factory or a warehouse.
 Buy and Install the water bottling Plant.
 Find a Bottle Supplier.
 Get Your Cap and Labels ready.
 Register your business or Company with CAC
 Get Approval from NAFDAC
 Get Additional Power Generator
 Employ few Employers at first.
 Start Production.
 Market and Advertise Regularly.

Starting a bottle water company in Nigeria gives you also an added advantage as you can easily obtain loan from the bank or get easily the SMEs fund support from the government through the bank and some other organization. There are other big competitors in the Market who has made names for their self in bottle water company but because of Nigeria population, Everyone is still accommodated in the Business. Such company is as follows:

I. Eva Water
II. Gossy Water
III. Pure Life Water
IV. Swan water
V. Ragolis water
VI. Coscharis water and others….
Finding your target Market where you can sell your finished products is easier in Nigeria as people gather many places and so they need to drink water regularly to void dehydrating and such places are as follows:

1. Sports Vicinity

This is a very good place to advertise your products and have an agreement with the organizers to approve the sale of your water only or with their few ones.

2. Shopping Malls

You might find it difficult convincing some shopping malls owner to list your product in their shelves as a beginner but with time you will have your way and this is a very good location to advertise and sell your product.

3. Super Market/Convenience Stores

This is regarded as the small shopping malls in Nigeria and has a need to advertise with them to sell your products.

4. Restaurants/Eateries/Fast Food

This is a very good place to market your product and considering the vast number of restaurants in Nigeria. You will always have your way with many restaurants and eateries out there in Nigeria.

5. Hotels//Guest House Bars

This is a very lucrative target market for your product as most hostels don’t sell sachet water in their premises and this will make a high demand of your product if allowed.

6. Drinking Joints/Beer/Wine/Meat Bars

This is also a very good marketing target because of the high populations of Nigeria that turn out to visit these places for relaxation and entertainments.

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