How to Start Your Business In 2022

You can start anything and finish it, if you carefully read this article

“JUST BEGIN” “Just after I received my fee structure from My University for my PhD, totaling N850,000 in 2012, I met my Dad, at Cooperative bank in Kaduna.I explained to him that I had the admission letter and he smiled.I told him, however, “Baba, there is a problem. They need N850,000.”He held my hands, then slowly but reassuringly, said, *”Just Begin,* my son.”To ensure his point went home, he got into his account and gave me N14,000 in an account that had N20,000. I was touched.*I added N16000 and paid N30,000 into the account, and my journey to PhD. began.* Today, having reached the dream, I remember the words of my father.*Just Begin….*In everything you do, always remember, *JUST BEGIN.**Just begin, no matter how difficult it seems to be.*It appeared to be difficult, but as time lapsed, I realized dad was right. At some point before my defense, I gave up.I still had a solid N300,000 to pay and they wouldn’t give me a chance for my final defence.*Then came a very unlikely help.*I had supported a gentleman to undertake a project evaluation two times in the year.I received his call cautiously asking me to meet him. He was carrying a brown envelope in his hand. He began, ” you will forgive me if you find my action inappropriate. For two consecutive times, you have given me a job without asking for a Cent. This is very unusual with many people. I did not know how to approach you, but I am deep with gratitude. Please accept my small gift.”I quickly peered into the envelope and saw they were two bundles, likely in hundreds. He confirmed that it was N200,000. I couldn’t believe it. The words of my father,*”My son, just begin”* came to mind.*Dodon’t worry how it will end.**Just begin.*If you are building a house, *just begin.*If you are planning to buy land, *just begin.*If you want to continue with your education, *just begin.*If you want to pay dowry, *just begin.* Nothing is more powerful than that advice.*We just need to Have Faith and Begin.*And I have revised this philosophy. Whenever someone is doing something, I always encourage them to *Have Faith and Just keep trying.*When things get thick, I always say, *keep walking.**No matter how slow Just keep Moving**If you Can’t Walk then Crawl**Just Keep Moving*When things are intimidating, *Ignore.**Persist and keep trying.**Don’t give up on life just because your challenges appear to be insurmountable.**Do not be defeated before you begin.*Whatever looks like a mountain will soon become an anthill…*but only if you begin.*Not long ago, someone asked me, “Aliyu, are we going to manage to build the office we want?”My answer is,*”Let’s just begin.”**I believe in the power of Faith and Action (Starting) .*No one Wins a race until they *respond* to the sound of the gun and begin.*The secret lies in the Beginning.*Over time, God has seen me through a number of projects because of this philosophy. I have parcels of land that I acquired by simply paying N50,000…and, over time, these have multiplied.*I persuade you this day never to allow yourself to be threatened by the size of your problem.**The Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with One Step**Begin in a small way to do something about it.**How Do You Eat an Elephant ?*By Eating it *One Bit at a Time*If it is a lack of money do something small to get something for yourself.*If it is a marital issue, look for a way to solve it.*In whatsoever your face, *Just Begin.*Even those with big debts can do something about it.*Just begin by doing something little and it will shrink each day.*I was not a millionaire, but some time ago, I wanted to have a feeling of being one. I drew a plan of how to hold a million in my account, at least for a few days. After some months of beginning, I discovered it was possible.*Three years and half of the savings later, I got my first ever million.*Even though I used it later on investments and expenses, it felt so good.*Let’s all Have Faith and Just Begin*.*JUST BEGIN !**

See you in 2023 with completed projects

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