Is MMM Nigeria Back

One of the rules of investment is that when you put your money in an instrument, you should be able to do that based on the fact that when you are getting your money back it should come with some level of interest.
Now it is this level of interest that defines the risk involved in such investment at the end of the day. A lot of people will tell you that the higher the return on investment you expect from an instrument or system as the case may be, the higher the risk you are also expected to take.
Looking at MMM Nigeria, it is not considered to be a multilevel marketing business, because it does not have all those complicated chains of commands and rewards. It is also not a high yield investment scheme with exponential interest as many of such high yield investment collapse with time. It is also not an operating company with offices in any location. You may not also see it as an investment in the light of it and finally it is not a financial institution as many believe it to be, especially the banks.
MMM is believed to be a mutual benefiting network, where people provide money (help or donation) directly to each other in an automated private virtual office via the internet using a growing help index called Mavro.
The power to give is the key item in the operation of the scheme. It rewards you with a 30% monthly growth rate on the amount you gave or donated to a participant in the community.
This giving and a receiving with 30% interest on your investment or loan if I may put it that way, but last year crash took a lot of people’s fortunes under.
Though the banks are not happy with mmm, especially the Nigerian banks that are currently facing financial battles to stay alive. But that story is for the woods as mmm brought so much money back to the banking sector.
For MMM-Nigeria, that is gradually snicking back into the system again with it usual face and still as a ponzi scheme hoping to recover it image and give hope to many poor money seeking individual who are ready to tread gently this time around, the game is going to be tough. And just like any game you win some and you lose some

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