Loom Money Nigeria: Crash of Ponzi Scheme Imminent As SEC Warns Nigerians

Nigerians are beginning to complain as the new Ponzi scheme, Loom Money Nigeria, has slowed down. This is similar to how MMM took a turn towards finally crashing in 2017.
Before MMM finally crashed in the early months of 2017, members were noticing a slow movement in the rate at which the Ponzi scheme was paying. Suddenly, their fears were confirmed as the scheme crashed.
It appears same fate is about to befall Look Money Nigeria as members are beginning to whisper fears about the slowness in cashing out.
This is all happening three weeks after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) warned Nigerians to run away from Loom Money Nigeria which they termed as an online fraud packaged as investment scheme.
This was made known by the Acting Director General of SEC, Ms Mary Uduk, who stated that Loom Money Nigeria is a pyramid scheme which targets youths whom she believes will get their hands burnt if they fall for it.
Describing it as a Ponzi scheme, Uduak said:
“We are aware of the activities of an online investment scheme tagged ‘Loom Money Nigeria’. The platform has embarked on an aggressive online media campaign on Facebook and WhatsApp to lure the investing public to participate by joining various Loom WhatsApp groups to invest as N1000 and N13,000 and get as much as 8 times the value of the investment in 48 hours.

People really need to learn that 95% of all online money investment are scam, including Cryptos! They’ll just come up one day to tell you one story or the other like Person that knows the password is dead and that will be the end or they will say our website has been hacked! After people, must have invested millions. It’s all big-time scam!

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