Nigerian Unemployment rate hit 50% as more people loose their Jobs Time to Start a business with Little Money

unemployment rate in the country hit a record 50 percent and still climbing, amid a contracting economy, increasing individual running cost, foreign exchange scarcity and unsold inventory now valued at over N400 billion naira for many company as a result of low buying power of the populace.

looking carefully it does not look like there any light at the end of the tunnel as this government doers not actually have any economic blue print for getting out of the quagmire. all their means of increasing VAT, utility bill and Bank changes only goes to cut the people spending power there by reducing purchasing power on goods, hence company sales are dropping and they are sacking or laying off staff.

Now for you this is the best time to do something cheaply to remedy your own situation You may want to know which products will be the fastest moving item to produce or even sell now for immediate income as the economy struggles under the weight of poor economic management policies
Knowing this will enable you can pitch tent with it Don’t border asking why?
Off course everyone knows the importance of having extra cash in this period of dwindling income
You need to generate consistent income that can beat rising inflation in order to secure your finances.
Now if your guess is as good as mine then check out what people feel about what is possible.
Some may say fuel business is needed, because of the ever increasing noise in the sector?
Off course that is a game for the major marketers.
Okay, foods items. No doubt people must eat no matter how bad the economy seems to forecast,
but that is normal and the restaurant and mama-put are well position to take that market.
Let’s take a look at consumables.
These are resources once utilized do not get regenerated that is they are exhaustible resources.
The good thing about them is that they are needed in large quantity on a daily basis
Giving opportunity for companies and individuals that produce
or sell them to go home with large chunks of cash
Consumables are always a hot sell anytime any day. What are they actually?
Why consumables is the fastest Money-making product anytime there is inflation or hard times?
Simple people must eat, wash and wear no matter what?
Consumables are non-replenish-able usable products that give room for repeated buys and they bring consistent income for producers and sellers of such item.
Such products include toiletries, Liquid wash, home use accessories etc.Some of these items are easy to produce and commercialized from home.
Liquid wash products, because of the fast rate at which clothes get dirty and you know people must stay clean. The other products are special skincare products
like Tablet soap that contains Vitamin E, coconut oil, glycerin, moisturizer, anti-aging and anti-dryness soap.
Tablet soap both for bathing and washing is easy to produce
Off course this when you have the right ingredient for commercial sales.
Laundry starch is now a big cash earner, especially the special type we produce that prevent bad odour and mucour from staying on clothes no matter how long you keep them in damp conditions.
You also have the bleach or JIK which has found multiple uses in recent times
And others are Air Freshener, Detoil, designer perfumes, etc.
Shampoo has become a scarce commodity
I know this because I produce and my phone has been ringing for more supply as saloon user can no longer find the conventional producers in the market
I like fast moving non-replenish-able product,
because they easily bring consistent income as result of repeated buys.
You can actually get started producing these products selling to the open market and mini stores,
Get registration for them including bar code in case you want your product to go as far Shoprite, etc
and sell like other product in the corporate world.
Imagine making money from what people are using or spending cash for.
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