How To Start Your Oil & Gas Business

With Little Or No Capital Trading Diesel, PMS, DPK, LPFO, Crude Oil and All Kinds of Petroleum Products, Get LPOs, Contracts, Deals or Become An Oil  Deal Agent, Facilitator, Broker, etc Even without Leaving Your Job

By Hope Eno

The Petroleum Industry is the Biggest Money Earner in the World

 You Need to Be Part of Those Making the Money Now!

You can actually start your own oil and gas business with little or no capital and earn from the numerous opportunities raped up in this national cake called crude oil also known as black gold. As a petroleum engineer, an investment expert, a field consultant and publisher of several wealth empowerment publications and books, I can confidently tell you about the enormous wealth abounding in the petroleum industry and how only a few are enjoying the riches. Meanwhile the opportunity is available for everyone.

Have you been looking for how to start an oil and gas business or how to be part of the money making opportunities in the petroleum industry, then this is your chance. I remember when I wrote and published a complete feasibility report on how to set up a mini fuel filling station as an oil and gas business far back in 2005, it was quite indepth. A friend of mine saw that publication and today his uncle's filling station has been completed using this report. Don’t worry I have that feasibility report packaged exclusively for you. I have ran several seminars, on the multiple opportunities abounding in the oil and gas industry starting from the scratch. Those who attended such seminars are always amazed at what they have been missing all these while and the simplicity at which people can easily enter the industries even without cash. Such seminar video packages are available and you can have them.

If you’re in desperate need of cash to pay your house rent, children’s school fees or meet any other emergency cash outlay, it will be of benefit to you if you read this now.

How do I know the above statement is possible?

I know because a friend of mine did it. He desperately needed =N=100,000 and his salary had been exhausted, so latched upon this idea on how to get a quick deal to supply diesel to a company close to where he was working and from that job he made over =N=100,000 from which he was able to pay his rent

He did not even leave his job to supervise the diesel supply. The package thought him all he needed to do to get the work done without his presence. While some folks are rolling out millions doing this business full time, others still make profit while keeping their jobs and in case you are plannning on donig this business as a complete career, devoting all your time to it, then try and open a bigger bank account as the cash flow from Oil and gas business is very large and you can become wealthy in no time

Don't be afraid to Join the Big guys

Oil and gas business indeed houses the most wealthiest billionaires in Nigeria, but 80% of them started with virtually nothing and not even as engineer or had anything to do with the profession. How did they then quietly become rich entrepreneurs in the petroleum industry?
The likes of Femi Otedola of Forte Oil, Wale Tinumbu of Oando, Mike Adenuga of ConOil, Folorunsho Alakija of Famfa Oil, Frederick Akinruntan of Obat Oil, Jimoh Ibrahim of Global Fleet Oil and Gas, Sayyu Dantata of MRS Group, Oba Otudeko of Honeywell Oil & Gas, Ifeanyi Ubah of Capital Oil and Gas just to mention a few.

Like I said before, most of them started small and not even with a career in the oil industry. For example Wale Tinunbu of Oando is a lawyer doing oil and gas mid stream far from what he read in the university. there some who never saw the four walls of the university, yet millionaires trading on petroleum products.
Okay, lets look at the start-up profile of Africa's richest woman, Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija, she started with a career in banking as a secretary and went on to study fashion designing which she used to incorporate her fashion company and launch herself as a business woman. She later decided to float an oil company called Famfa Oil. This preparation gave her the opportunity to win an oil prospecting license, to explore and exploit Nigeria oil, today she sells crude oil for cash with less effort.
You can start from anywhere, simply acquire the knowledge and find out the area you can easily fit in as your preparation, because you never can tell when the opportunity will knock at your door. When preparation meets with opportunity access to success is innevitable.


The energy market today has become a hot money making industry in Nigeria.

There is so much wealth in oil and gas business I don’t need to tell you the industry is big, you know that already from the stories making rounds and the people involved in it, many of whom you have seen or heard about.

Here’s something you don’t know though…

Those making money in the business today started with nothing as I earlier mentioned. Yes, nothing. In this business you virtually don’t need your own money to operate or carry out deals. I will show you how, just stay on!

Look At The Market Right Now!

Government establishments, offices, companies, banks, residences and other agencies are spending millions weekly on diesel consumption and this is a big opportunity for suppliers of petroleum products.

It takes a big chunk of their profits so much so, that today diesel usage has become every CEO’s nightmare.

And That’s Good News

Because… suppliers smile to the bank daily with almost larger chunks of the profit the companies makes per
day. Two of my friends just got their jeep less than two years into the busines.

Also think about this…
Nigeria is a country with many festive seasons - Sallah, Christmas, New Year, and Easter period - a lot of traveling take place at these periods shooting up diesel consumption to amazing heights, coupled with the fact that power situation has gone worst, making a few people rich. You should have seen the list of those who carted away wealth from fuel subsidy or those carrying away cash from small and big deals that are scattered here and there. And then, the easiet one, because in the oil industry you must need facilitators and agents to carry out transactions, these guys go home with commision in the hundreds of thousand and sometime in the millions just linking up buyers with sellers using simple roll off secrets on big trades.

This is your chance to join in with them. In fact, this is where most Nigeria wealthiest millionaire started their wealth building process from. With this package you can easily join the millionaire even as a novice.

To start making money in this industry you need to discover:
How to make money from oil marketing business, trading diesel,, fuel, Kerosene,Crude oil, HPFO, LPFO or black oil, Lube Oil, Hydraulic, Fuel Gas, etc.
bullet b How to get Into Importation of Petroleum Products.
bullet b How to setup, Register, Manage or partner with filling station to make money
bullet b How to become oil deal facilitator/agents and make millions from deal without spending a kobo.
bullet b How to get finance and loans for oil and gas business
bullet b How to start without cash; get LPOS, Supplies and big ticket deals
bullet bHow to practically use LPOs to get Supplies on credit with sample to use for the job
bullet b How to use quotation profitably to close supply sales with sample letter to use
bullet b A complete sample letter of introduction to become a sale representative of a company
All these have been packaged exclusively for you

You got to know how to make the money in this industry

The doors to the oil industry is open and everybody can benefit.

Now You Can Start Making Money Now

The profits are massive. With one deal alone you can make between =N=50,000 and =N=10 million trading products from the automotive gas oil (AGO) (what we commonly call diesel) to the PMS, that is petrol, and then DPK - the dual purpose kerosene and other petroleum products you may never have known about before now like the black oil, etc. Recently, I got a call from one of my students (someone who had obtained this resource material from me) who just closed a deal to consistently supply a new cement factory in tonnes and tonnes of product running into millions. Don't worry all the secrets of getting such deals will be revealed to you..

What’s The Profit Level Like in this Business?

Consider this: A truck of 33,000 litres to end users like filling stations, companies, banks telecom stations, etc, sold with a profit margin of between N5.00 and N10.000, you could be generating a profit of 33,000 x N5.00 = 165,000 or N330,000 per deal, contract or transaction. Imagine having several deals.

This business is a big money earners right now as all other petroleum products are being deregulated in the country.

The earlier you join the party of money makers the better your chances of becoming wealthy in no time as the Petroleum Industry Bill moves to the center stage and the Local content law already taking effect with many Nigerians not taking advantage of its opportunities, meanwhile your space cannot be given to a foreigner. It is just waiting there for you and I feel you shouldn't miss anything as a result of ignorance.

Simply grab the secrets in this resource material and keep it close to your heart because those who are already in the business are not always comfortable seeing others like you come in to share the riches

Now this is how to Benefit from this Opportunities

This carefully packaged e-book with real life practical operations and experiences shows you everything you need to know about Oil and Gas business.

Inside the book you will learn:

how to make the kind of profit you desire with or without raising a finger

how to get free financing from banks who are ready to finance deals

how get finance facility from the Depot you are collecting product from

how to get finances from the your clients - the organizations you are making supplies to.Amazing isn't it, but that how the industry operates

how to start small and grow your petroleum product supplies to an alarming point so to say

But that’s not all…

Inside this quick profit package, you’ll also discover:

How To Write Compelling Oil And Gas Proposals And Introduction Letters For Jobs, Contracts Or Oil Deal And Transactions. These are my personally generated and successfully used documents just for you

How To Seal Contracts Across The Nation. (For Example You Can Supply Diesel To An Organization That Has Branches Across Nigeria And Go Home With All The Wealth)

How To Get LPOs And Source for Jobs From Reputable Companies,

How To Start This Business Without Cash Or Start Up Capital

How Get Loans Without Collateral and do both huge and small deals

How To Make Money From Suppliers Even When You Don’t Have Money To Finance It

How To Run Your Oil And Gas Business Without Your Presence Or Participation.

Where And How To Find The Market For Products And Where To Source For Products.

How To Tap Into The Tankers-To-Filling Stations Supply Market And Make Supplies To Companies, Big Residential Areas, Estates And Smaller Companies. (This Is Where Small Players Can Actually Make Quick Money Providing Diesel Services To Big Generator and Power Plant Users.)

Where To Get Product Suppliers Easily And Get Them To Use Their Facility To Do The Deal While You Run Home With The Profit.

How to be part of the Billions and Trillion spent on Fuel in this country

Let face the fact, you may cry till tomorrow about fuel subsidy, until you are part of those making it happen the money will not come into your pocket for crying out loud. Even the young girl on the street selling fuel regularly knows the streams of cash she generate daily from selling fuel by the road side for bikes and tricycle riders, and generator users. They virtually use this proceeds to feed their family on a daily basis small as it may seems.
You may not want to trade that low, but check this out...
How about getting into the big one, fuel trading on a medium and large scale, I am not talking about the black market men who parade the street with kegs of fuel looking for buyers, because that business is seasonal only when there is fuel scarcity.

There is money in this stuff check it out...

You don't have to be a Petroleum Engineer to get into this industries. The millions in fuel business is made from turn over and not from profit per unit sold; as you well know Nigeria is a largely populated nation and consuming several litres of PMS on a daily basis nationwide and that’s an advantage to every importer/ marketer and they know this; that’s why allocation for import is highly sorted for by many.
The quantity of product imported is enormously large and based on allocation. You can imagine importing 5,000 metric tones of fuel for purpose of receiving subsidy that is almost like 6million liters. Getting this into over 300 trucks has a multiplying effect on your bank account on a daily basis as these fuel roll out from filling stations.
If you are making just N5 per litre plus or minus every expenses, you just need to multiply the N5 by the number of liters that will come out of the number of metric tones you are allocated. I guess you should do the calculations yourself to determine whether you want to try this business or not.

Don’t forget the minimum allocation any individual can get is 30 metric tones and the 30 multiplied by about 6 million litres, opps!. I guess you are already sweating, doing these computations because of the enormous profit involved. You can see why so many guys up there are interested in the subsidy stuff, so much cash to make not only for those who have the license to import, but also for those who faciltate deals, simply find out how?

Well that not all...

There is also the downstream of these deals like distributions and associated deals like, storage, agents business that is those who make money without even spending a kobo just facilitating these deals, discharge trucking, contacts, etc.
The profits are always in the millions, that is why subsidy payment can be in the billions and trillions and only a few are tapping from the upper part of the fuel subsidy payment. But you can at least start from the end part if the initial part has been so politicized by getting into distribution if you can’t import.
Then the part that excite me most is the diesel part, because it is libralised anybody can do it if you know the how. This part drives a lot of activities from the high end to the low end; anyone can play the game and make some level of profit cash or no cash. After all, in the oil industry most of the rich folk out there don’t get there with their own money, but need knowledge to stay there. There are so many practicable opportunities in the Oil and Gas industry that you can do with or without your cash. Just getting this e-book you can practically know and apply them and get yourself on the cash line.

Here are some Exclusive Bonuses you will get from this Oil and Gas Business E-book

1. Complete feasibility on how to set up and run mini filling station (the inserted filling station under construction was built from the feasibility content of this E-book)
2. Where and how to get free finances for diesel supplies.
3. Addresses of quality product suppliers at depot prices.
4. A complete sample of an LPO that generated over a million naira transaction and how you too can used it to lift product without cash.
5. Practical introduction letter, quotation and contract letters you can use to close your sales for cash and many more.
6. How to make money from deregulated and underegulated petroleum products or subsidised and unsubsidised petroleum products, current happenings in the petroleum industry and lot more.
7. Opportunity to have consistent consultation and audience with me
8. How to go into the petroleum industry even when you don't have a job

Here’s How To Get This exclusive Oil and Gas Business E-book

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Get this book now and enjoy all the bonuses and free live consultation loaded with the authors vaste experience in the Oil and Gas industry including handling deals and contracts.

Special Bonus

This packages is loaded with special bonuses and an opportunity to eat from the national cake. If Nigeria is on the world map in terms of crude oil production and one of the world highest producer of the commodity, why should you be poor another day in your life, if you cannot get the main cake at least try the crumbs and these are no small money.

The big question is, do I need money to start? absolutely not, because deals in the oil and gas industry deploys a lot of cash in transactions to get it through with, so most people in the business, including the very big players do not use their own money. This e-manual exposes all the secrets of how oil deals are financed and how you can be part of it. Other special bonuses includes the following:

In case you don't have a job, inside this e-book are contacts of companies willing to take you up as marketing rep for their organisation with their company identity card at your disposal with paying a kobo
bulletsYou will discover how some folks are trading in crude oil as facilitators for foreign refineries with all the documentation and approval needed to go into this kind of business exposed
bulletHow to make money from the supply of LPFO popularly known as black oil use by heavy industries. Suppliers for this petroleum product is always in demand, this e-book exposes where the companies that need this products are and where to source for the product
bulletThis down to earth e-manual resource material will expose all the paper work needed to import and trade in fuel, even when you don't have a license and how to get in the chain with banks for financing
bulletYou will also discover how to make money from petroleum product supplies through product bridging across the country from your location and get paid by government for doing this service. Many guys out there are already enjoying this service
bulletHow to get allocation from NNPC and the refineries for petroleum products, resell to others and make money without trucks, filling station, or any kind of facility

bulletHow to Play in Petroleum Industry as an Agent all the things you need to start
bulletHow To Prepare For Oil And Gas Business
bulletHow to get into international crude oil trading business
bulletPractical fuel importation business including how to Part Of Fuel Import and Subsidy Payment Deals without an Import License, Storage Facility Or Even Cash
bulletHow to establish an oil and gas firm for doing big business and deals
bulletThis latest edition of the Oil and gas resource material is extremely loaded and getting it now gives you an opportunity to partake in the current discount promo offered by the author

Certainly Oil and Gas business is for everyone and those who want to be part of this industry that have produce the highest number wealthiest persons in Nigeria. Who says you can’t keep a job and still make money from other sources or even start or operate a lucrative business in the petroleum industry. This is your chance.

Hurry and make your order now! Call 0803-747-0173, 08023982600

The hard copy of this Oil and Gas wealth material is also available on request.

Remember you also have free as access to one-on one- consultation with me and my contact back up anytime after purchase of this material.

 To your success,

Hope Eno is a Petroleum Engineer, Author, Seminar facilitator, and Chief Resource Officer at Info-House Services Ltd

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