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With increased inflation and decrease in purchasing power of Naira, most Nigerians are left with no other option than to search for online businesses that can boost their monthly salary. this is so because, many Nigerians have access to internet in their offices or homes that they intend to monetize.

Some businesses require you to do very little work but make a decent income, and others require more work but reap a greater return in the long run. There are many top internet businesses out there that you can start, so you ought to make your decision only after some careful thought. In this article, i will give you insights on some internet businesses that can supplement your monthly salary.

Here are, in my view, 3 of the top internet businesses you can begin:

Selling Of Digital Information Products

Selling information products online has become the hot trend in the last couple of years. Many people have caught on to the ease and benefits of selling their own information products on the Internet. These products are generally digital in nature, such as e-books, video courses, podcasts and a combination of two or three of those types. They are easy and low-cost to produce, but produce amazing profit returns. Moreover, you can sell them over and over again without producing new copies and there are no shipping hassles to deal with.

Selling of Physical Products Online

Selling physical products used to be more popular before the rise of information products online. It still is very profitable to sell physical products though, as these products can be more well-known to the public. Because they tend to be more mainstream, it is easier to sell these products without much pre-selling. Selling your own products on classified ads sites like Jiji or dealdey or using your social media accounts like instagram or facebook is a very profitable venture.

I buy products from china, list them on Jiji and create facebook ads campaign to sell them within your city.

Another set of online earners that are sprouting up are the instagram millionaires. these are young Nigerians that sell or render services on these platforms to make ends meet. You render printing services, short video services, design services, animation services etc. You can sell female products using Instagram

Affiliate Marketing

By far, the easiest internet business to start online is affiliate marketing. In a nutshell, you promote someone else’s product for a commission. Whenever you make sales or refer a lead, you get paid, depending on the structure of the affiliate program. With this business model, you don’t need to spend enormous amounts of time creating a product, writing sales copy or providing customer service. You just need to promote your affiliate link.

About using Clickbank

clcikbank officially does not have Nigeria on its list of supported countries, but you can register using a vpn. a vpn simply means a visual private network. it is a simple software that changes your location from Country A to any other country of your choice

  1. What is the minimum and maximum number of products I can promote at a time?
  2. Do I have to create a squeeze page for every product am promoting? If yes, where would they be re-directed to the moment someone opts-in?
  3. Is it possible and advisable to promote different products from different niches at a time?
  4. Is my landing page the same as my blog? If yes, can I do as above in question “3” on it?
  5. Kindly clear my fear on these ones while I ruminate on the other areas I have questions.
  6. for my affiliate marketing i mostly use clickbank and I promote not less than 5-10 different products at a time and I have never heard of any limitation to number of products you can promote.
  7. yes. every new product you want to promote needs a unique squeeze page. the squeeze pages can be on a single domain and hosting. this is the reason why i advice buying general name domains instead of niche specific domains. e.g super courses over lose weight dot com. the reason is that you want to promote many products on the same domain. it will not look wise to promote make money products on lose weight domain.
  8. yes if you can handle it. no if you can’t. i personally promote any product in most niches if I have a hungry traffic for it. but this does not in any way mean that a person subscribes to my make money list and i will start sending him dog training promotions. i will never do that.
  9. a landing page is the page you direct your visitors to. if i say a landing page in this context i basically mean a squeeze page. a squeeze page is a single page where you collect potential buyer email addresses. partly answered in 3 above
  10. visitors to your squeeze page are potential buyers. if they optin to your list, they are interested and most likely willing to buy. after subscribing to your squeeze page they should be redirected to your hoplink. that is the product you are promoting using your unique hoplink. if they buy instantly fine, if they dont, you already have their mails and your mailing series will follow them up.


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