Opportunity to get loan as much as N10 million for their businesses from CBN

Some of those that attended follow the application procedure that we gave them and we are happy to announce that some of these people were invited last week from CBN office to come and discuss with the official about their business proposals.

It was an exciting moment as I spoke on phone with one of the applicants about his experience at the CBN office. Based on some of the information I got, we learnt that they may be having the money disbursed to them in some few weeks from now. Of course, I will come and share the sweet story with you after it happens for them.

A lot of people are still finding it difficult to believe that the loan is real. Some are even displaying their ignorance about the scheme with baseless confidence that CBN does not provide any loan. The truth is that, when you don’t know something, you just don’t know it.

The only remedy from ignorance is to seek genuine information. Very soon, some people will be able to establish their businesses and get out of insufficient fund with this type of great opportunity while some others will keep murmuring and complaining that nobody care enough to help them in Nigeria.

Now that you are privileged to read this, you should also tap into this single digit of 5% annual interest rate loan that is already turning around a lot of people’s lives and businesses.

In case you can’t make it to the live class, you too can learn about this by subscribing to the online version of the training which is now available especially for those that are not in Lagos.

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