Organic Soap For Healthy Skin Fortified With Vitamin & Oils

Carrot Soap Rich in Beta Carotene. helps to evenly tone and brighten the skin, with natural emollient contents enable the skin to retain moisture and removes the effect of ultra-violet radiations of the sun, enabling the skin to regain lost radiance in a short time.
Antioxidant properties and Radiates Skin Speeds up the removal of dead skin cells, revealing firmer radiant skin. Carrot toning soap with its natural ingredients enriches, nourishes, and removes all imperfections of your skin while cleansing. It leaves your skin feeling smooth & silky. It is specially formulated for acne, eczema, freckles & age spots. The natural carrot soap for both face and body with an intoxicating scent. Carrot contains Coenzyme Q10, a famous component of anti-aging cremes, Vitamin A and Retinol. … These are all components that will tighten the face and temporarily tighten smaller wrinkles. It can help speed up the healing process of wounds, burns, allergies, ringworm, scabies, cuts, prickly heat, dermatitis, eczema, and more. It also has anti-aging properties, because of the natural vitamin C found in carrots, and a useful anti-acne soap.”Skin superfoods” such as carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and cantaloupe have a very potent antioxidant called carotene. to get this soap call 08023982600

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