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Great News! You now have an opportunity to produce your own brand of Black Soap, Carrot Soap & Other Skin Care Products and beging to generate consistent Money from it Body wash or Herbal Soap Neem Soap etc....

No doubt organic/ natural skincare products are best solution to handling skin issues but the #1 Health Danger is in finding the right products to do the job. It is Nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get your skin back to normal when it is damage by chemicalised creams and soaps

That’s can be true if you do not know all the secretes I am going to reveal here. My major aim is to Create and invent World Class Products that can be used to handle major skin issues..

Yes, one of our product was taken to an exhibition in US and it was completely cleared up by visitors that we had to make more and send.

TODAY: I am going to Reveal the Secret – How to Produce Black Soap, Carrot Soap, Neem Body Wash, etc that can handle different types of Skin Issues!

Dear Reader,

There are few soap that can handle your skin when it has issues..

It is now not unusual to find people having skin issues that have defiled all conventional skin care product, creams, balms etc.

..Skin problems are diverse depending on the cause, natural or artificial...

Just thinking about these can be irritating when you have to appear without make up!

Simply because of the enormous challenges people are facing as result skin damages, making money providing skin care solutions and product is big money and it is as real as ever

In fact, you might just try to take a look at people faces today, especially ladies, you will find the opportunity!

they need this stuff and they can pay for it

The ones that are very common includes pimples, acne, break outs, black heads, rashes,.

Others may includes problems that comes as a result of using poorly made skin lighting and whitening products, chemically from conventioal products.

Now this is where you come in, are you ready to start making money producing high standard, good quality skin care soap that can handle many skin care issues, then come on board... We are looking at commercial black soap in tablet format, carrot soap and others like Neem Body wash Gel, papaya soap, citrous soap, shea butter, tumeric, herbal and medicinal soap etc

Imagine creating products that make sure people keep coming back for more – This carrot Soap is one of our latest brand and we are releasing the recipe to you and practically producing it for you in our practical session using all natural incregdients. Most of our past student say that anybody that uses this soap always ask for more because of its tonning and exfoliating effect on the skin. this soap is back-up with our secret essentuial oil and you know what, the production is on low capital, hence giving you a high profit margin when selling Join us to own your own brand – the Soap is full of natural carrot base. Don't worry we are teaching you how to package yours.

So it is no stretch of logic to say that...

People Skin were not always bad from the begining there are Causes – But all they need is the Solution and onces you can provide it the next stage is an alert!

Pimple for example, is a small pustule that develop when sebaceous glands, or oil glands, become clogged and infected, leading to swollen, red lesions filled with pus. Pimple, which some people refer to as Acne is an extremely common skin condition. …
Pimples most often affect the face, back, chest, and shoulders. Some other skin issues like iching, fungi, can affect hidden part of the body. it can also turn out as black head, etc.

There several ways to deal with skin issues using several mediums like creams, soap, lotions, oil scrubs, etc.

“One of the most popular methods is exfoliation others are skin treament, smoothing, curing, removal of infection, skin restucturing and recovery.

Exfoliation is the process of removing the top layer of dead skin cells that clog up pores.this can also be refered to as skin tightening. You can achieved this using scrub, chemical, natural organic or herbal means, but in all these, the best method is the use of Soap which always cover all part of the body and has more effective penetating power”

Using natural or herbal soap can have a preventive effect on your skin apart from it healing properties over time in use.

Soap is most effective way of restoring damaged skin

It is now not unusual to find people having skin issues that have defiled all conventional skin care product, creams, balms etc. I have a client of mine who in the process of developing her brands of skin care soap had the out of using bleaching creams on her face with green patch, but now as result of the use of the product we develoed during her training a year ago her face is back to it normal natural state. because of this she has persued and obtained NAFDAC registration for the product and already selling.

Now producing products with a conglomerate of natural/ organic ingredients is one of the most effective ways to handle skin issues and over the years this has proven to give a very good result one of such product is the African black soap bar or tablet with natural medicinal properties,

The African black soap bar or tablet with natural medicinal properties!

I practically produced this soap with one of my client at her office and she took it for an exhibition in the US some weeks back, the rush for the soap was so much that we had to produce more and send. The order is still coming right after the exhibition. This is real dollar earnings. In Nigeria right now the need for this soap is high, so is the opportunity to make money, producing and distributing it.

Now you stand a chance to lean how to produce this soap and have this as your product. it was the white folks that rush off all the African black product at the exhibition,

Yes, like I earler said. I going to Reveal the Secret – How to Produce Black Soap, Carrot Soap, Neem body wash gel that can handle different types of Skin Issues!

These are soap product formulated to improve the total health of the skin. . . . The result people get is a smooth, soft, firm and hydrated skin so why wouldn't they continue to patronise your Soap? This practical production class provides a total Solutions to various skin concerns (dryness, roughness,dullness, etc) that are caused by dehydration

Want to make money? simply develop soap that nourishes and moisturizes body skin from head to toe, makes the Skin feels and looks smooth, soft and moist like never before.

Clears Pimples, acnes, black head, uneven skin tone, scars, allergies, skin inflammation etc. we are teaching African black Soap with specially formulated to sooth and heal, you will find out how to apply various essential oil with nature's anti-bacterial properties. how to produce product that will give maximum protection for your skin.

Registration for this Live practical training class on herbal, medicinal, organic skin care soap production starts now

This is actually where the money is right now. I have student who sell their single unit of organic and skin restoring bathing soap for between N1,000 and N2,500. Yes you heard me right.– and you too can sell yours at your own price because of the solution and response.4
You can start to professionally take care of people skin care needs, provide result oriented solutions and also make money in the process
And you know what? People are ready to pay any amount of money for your product, especially if it is organic and natural.

People's skin will never be the same again, because of the product you will produce after attending this seminar and if you are doing this as a business or setting up a production outfit or adding this as a new product line, then you must not miss this class as we expose all the opportunities and product solutions, using natural ingredient and organic extracts in oils, powders, butters, seed, fruits, plants and many more

Time to have your own product!


Black Soap like Dudu Osun is known around the globe as one of the most effective Natural skincare soap for the body and the hair, it is used abroad for multiple purposes and remixing and making other useful skincare product?

Handcrafted african black soap. Good to treat skin conditions. Treating all hairtypes. Even those hard ones.

Time to have your own Dudu Osun in the market...

We are going to be producing this product at this class!

This is your time to start generating extra income or even start a new business line.

We will you teach where and how to sell your product

How and where to source your ingredients and raw materials

You will also get an opportunity for field work when you are ready

What are you waiting for?

Don't miss this for anything else.

Date: Saturday February 29, 2020

Time: 9.00 am on the dot.

Venue: No 4 Egbe-Isolo Road, Opposite MRS Filling Station, Jakande Estate Gate, Ejigbo-Lagos.

Attendance is strickly by registration

Quickly call the following number for registration and seat reservation 08023982600 or 08037470173.

You can also chart with us on WhatsApp

Seminar fee: N10,500 for advance payment, transfers, registration and seat reservation

GT BANK, ST Resources 001 5453 001
or UBA 101 0381 525.

Payment at the Venue on the Seminar day N15,500

For discount, simply call the numbers above for this offer



The above are products from our last Practical session and done by the student who participated in live practicals

This is your time to create your own brand and be on the shelf or better still start making your own product and make money selling them to a large population.

Attending this seminar is an opportunity to start living your dream of being an entreprenuer and generating endless daily income for yourself.


We are completely set for the next class