It may not be about the “mah” in phone specs There are many things that determine battery life of a phone. Infinix Note 2 has a 720p display while Note 4 pro has a 1080p FHD display More juice is needed to power better display.
Also, the way you use your phone matters. If you use 4g then you will use more battery especially when you are in an area with poor signal whereby the phone will keep searching for 4g signal. That is a huge battery drainer The MaH matters too. Though it is not the battery power that you look at alone, also look at the processor, ram, cores, those things help in preserving battery, and maybe your usage is different from that of another user, very important
For example, the Note 4 can be used for heavy usage, while the note 2 heavy usage isn’t that heavy as the note 4 pro.
Cheaper or lower tier phones do not do much work, hence have longer lasting battery. The Samsung galaxy s7 edge 3600mAH surpasses 5000mAh lower grade phone battery by a significant margin. Even the batteries are not good quality, they degrade in their life. If it’s not Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC one plus or other top phone in the business, Gionee has a good battery life compared to techno and infinix. Go for the highest Mah like Gionee marathon m5 that has 6020mah.
These phones can claim 4gb and 6gb ram but very poor multitasking compared to big phone like Apple and Samsung.
Big phones have super-fast processors and large RAMs. longer battery lives (post-charge up time). These large RAMs and fast processors and big camera pixels are getting boring. Of what use is it spending so much on a 4g or 5g super fast mobile phone if it can’t stay on for like 1 or 2 days with moderate usage?
Nanotech devices and components are supposed to consume lesser unit. big guns I mean the likes of Huawei, Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, ZTE etc. Companies with billions of dollars to finance research in battery power research.
1080pis the same as full HD display We now have 2 versions of 1080p. Note 2 has 16:9 aspect ratio with resolution of 1920 x 1080p which is FHD. Newer phones with 18:9 aspect ratio eg note 5 has resolution of 2160 x 1080p which is FHD+. So now u know.
Xaiomi Redmi 5plus, it has 4000mah battery but beats my Tecno L8plus with 5050mah.
iPhone 7 Plus. Apple is the best phone, but expensive
GIONEE M5 for over 2 years. Solid battery performance. The battery is 6020mhA.
Iphone 7, I Phone X, iPhone 3g
infinix hot note since 2015. Long battery life 4000mah, Infinix note 2 battery is the best I’ve ever seen at 4050mah. It lasts more than the infinix note 4pro with 4500mah battery
infinix hot note x551 in built 4000mah battery extremely strong for an android phone.
Tecno wx3, Tecno L8 plus and L9 plus Battery life is 5050MAH, Techno L9+, Tecno pouvoir and Techno L5. 5000 Mah it takes like 12hours constant light to full. Techno L8. (5050Mah)

Any phone with snapdragon 625 or 450 generally has excellent battery. Try Xiaomi redmi 5. Snapdragon 625 3GB RAM 32ROM 4000MAH battery
Huawei Mediapad T.170 does wonders!
Try nokia torch…battery lasts up to 6 days. Nokia 2. Nokia 3310
The next article will discuss phone companies expensive only because their screen, watch out!

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