Practical Production Training Workshop On High-Quality Liquid And Tablet Soap

This is the best time to learn how to make your own brand of liquid detergent, Laundry and spray starch, hand wash, dish wash, car wash, tablet Soap, Air freshener, Body Wash, Jik, Vim, Shampoo etc and put your name or your company name on it. You can even produce liquid soap to do all kind of laundry, car or dish wash for little or no cost and in no time in these days of alternative income.
Who should attend?
• Entrepreneurs who want to start their production outfit, house wives, young ladies and guys, folks are looking for something to start out on part time or full time
• Laundry and cleaning company owners who want to start producing their own soap, large-scale producers and suppliers, restaurant owners, etc.
• Retirees who are looking for a simple business to do right now, those looking for side income apart from their jobs and those who want to start or add to their already existing production chains and put their brands in Shoprite or online stores, supermarkets or sales to wholesalers
Marketing And Uses
Opportunity to start supplying hotels, organisations, cooperatives, a group of staff in an office or company, restaurants, eateries, hospitals, etc. Liquid detergent soap for washing clothes, kitchen utensils, toilets, mopping of the floor, and most household chores. You can also put your own customized liquid soap on display on shelves or superstore in kegs, drums or sachets, etc. The money-making opportunity is also found in car wash sites, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cleaning and laundry outfits, and many others places.

You will be taught tablet carrot soap, Black Soap, Dish wash, Hand wash, detoil, Air Freshener, etc.
At the completion of the workshops, you will be able to make your own washing soaps supplying businesses, friends, family, and the general public for quick cash and if you want to go large scale you will get all the secrets right at the practical hand-on seminar. We are not just talking about producing a perfect product, which is what we are going to do, but we also want to make a good profit which is the bottom line for every business.
Register now for this home production business summit and Go Home with Liquid Detergent in Kegs
Venue: No 4, Egbe-Isolo Road, Opposite MRS Filling Station, Jakande Estate Gate, Ejigbo, Lagos.
Please call 08037470173, 08023982600 to Register and book a seat.
Seminar Date: call the above number (and time 9.00 am)

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