Production Business is what makes you Millions

Come to think of it, how are you sure that Chevrolet was not manufactured in China or other emerging economy? Toyota itself produce in USA, so it’s about name and brand but production is dispersed across many countries presently. Even Benz and BMW produce in China. That is not an issue, even Americans are using China assembled cars and drinking made in China coke with other products from Procter and Gamble factory in China, despite all so called US China trade war.
Why have Americans not stopped using products imported from China? They dare not, because the cheap products from China make life easier for Americans, The average American can’t afford fully made in US products, so all countries are bound by globalization no matter the noise they make, none can survive without it, not even the Almighty USA.
US did not do China any favour, China offers the cheapest cost of production and largest market, if not for China lots of Americans will not be able to afford some basic messages. Walmart is the world’s biggest retailer and largest employer in the whole world with the second biggest satellite after US NASA, how come Walmart sells made in China Coca-cola mind you Coca Cola is from USA How come all Procter and Gamble products sold in Walmart are from China Even Japan has to rush to China for survival, after the fall of Japanese yen and ageing labor force in Japan, Toyota ran to China and developed the fight against the best automobiles, Benz, BMW all using China for comparative advantage.
US needs China badly, for each Trump move, China keeps changing trade regulations.US is using China resources to support its economy and US capitalists are all using China. The USA has no choice for now.

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