Production Of Household Products for Consistent Income as the Nigerian Economy Nose Dive

There over 10,000 laundry and dry cleaning outfits in Nigeria and Lagos alone account for 70% of these figures. Lagos is believed to house 60% of businesses in Nigeria if not more. I stand to be corrected. The state has over 10,000 private schools, over 20,000 eateries and restaurants, over 1,000 bank offices, over 500,000 supermarkets, stores and shops and over 2million homes and houses. This is underestimated no doubt.
Now let’s leaves those figures alone, even though they are very important when it comes to opportunities available for making money in this country. The very important issue or question on our table right now is, how are these figures influencing the capacity of your pocket to hold money? Let me put it differently. Are these figures taking money away from you or are they adding cash to your bank account on a daily basis?
Off course the answer is obvious or are you still thinking about it?
There are CEOs, company owners, business owners, production managers, entrepreneurs and individuals who are smiling to the bank every day because of these figures.
There are small producers who are milking-the-cow in what they do because of the growth in the above figures. Many of them are either supplying one product or the other to those figures or putting one thing or the other on the shelf of one store or one super market just to share the returns in cash from the number.
It does not have anything to do with arithmetic, after all the market a woman does not need a text book to calculate her daily profit. I sure you know that Dangote, the world richest black man currently did not start with a university degree before hitting the street. The market out there does not select qualifications and it only recognizes as a spender and this does not put money in your pocket. Except your product answers presents when spenders calls else you do not exist in the market place.
A lady told us how she swell her bank account supplying banks hand wash in 40cl pet bottle and in 25 litres kegs monthly while a guy does his supplies to drying cleaning and laundry outfit giving them spray starch in large kegs as they demand for it.
A guy says he sends 10 litres of customized multiple purpose liquid wash to companies for use by their expatriates, while lady sends her own to company restaurant and eateries. She also does deliveries to schools on a monthly basis while an elderly woman says her product comes in cartons and she gives to distributors in major markets around Lagos.
I think I should stop here before exposing all their secrets too early. I am sure they will not like competitions or exposures since they are small starters.
Now whether you are producing or supplying. There is nothing as good as having your goods on the shelf or having your products in people’s hands or in their offices and making money as a result.
Yes truly you can generate N75,000 from a N4,000 start-up capital producing multipurpose liquid detergent soap.
Can this be possible? The answer is yes. Judging from the last production we did where a lady did a 100 litre production right on the spot with just N3,600 cost of material and in less than an hour. On doing the analysis for the hand wash alone she was going to make a profit of over N70,000 without power or energy and no machine, hence little or no overhead cost.
By Monday morning after the Saturday production she had already bought all her packaging material and already designing the logo or label for the product since we gave her all the contacts it was quite easy.
Would you not slam on the accelerator if you were the one after looking at our profit analysis and the quality of product that we expose and practically teach even the popular brands can’t stand it! This is in addition to the various free liquid laundry detergent, hand wash, dish wash, carwash and spray starch we will be teaching at the next seminar session this Saturday.
The idea is to make sure you get something to kick start this business and enjoy what all the big conglomerates are enjoying in terms of daily sales and profit. There is nothing as good as having your product alongside the like of Procter and Gamble, Unilever, PZ, Dangote, Morning Fresh, Mama Lemon, etc.
This is the best time to learn how to make your own brand of liquid detergent, spray starch, hand wash, dish wash, carwash, Jik, Vim, etc and put your name or your company name on it. You can even prepare detergent to do all kind of laundry, car or dish wash for little or no cost and in no time. Now the hottest of them all is that you will be trained on all it takes to get into the Starch Production Business, discover how to make high grade NAFDAC approved and SON sealed commercial COLD WATER LAUNDRY STARCH for commercial distribution. you also get Free Spray Starch, Hand Wash, Laundry Wash and Packages to Go Home with.
It is always better to try your hands on something while you are still young, working or even before you are retired. You can even become your own boss, even when you don’t have a job or your husband is working and you need a simple home business that will give opportunity to still take care of the home, generate extra income and keep yourself business. You may want to go big time and start a small production business and become CEO. This is your chance to start a production business with several products to sell and distribute with the lowest cost, get all the details, simply visit

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