Start this year with the right Investment

Wrong Investments brings wrong result
If you are developing the wrong investment strategy, then be ready to pay your fare. Taking wrong investment decisions is very detrimental to returns or profitability, because it could be either you are beating around the bush or you are going the wrong road; and when you are on the wrong road, no matter how hard you work, you will not get to your destination or reach your investment target.
It is the sense of value you place on your investment that determines the kind of result you can get from such investments.

Always Be Prepared to Turn All Your Waste into An Opportunity
Until you turn your waste into an opportunity and invest, you will never reap the best out of your God given resources. Investments enable resources sprout like a plant and grow into an unimaginable height.
Most times, people who earn salary say they lack the money to boost their investment ambition, but really, it is not lack of money but the improper use of money. There is always loose money hidden somewhere. It could be hidden in that your income; find it.
You must cut down on pleasure to invest now so that you can enjoy its luxury later

How to Build Wealth from Official Benefits
There are hidden benefits we throw away, just because we do not realize them. Imagine, some folks do not buy food, pay no house rent nor transport themselves to work and they are earning good salary. Many young guys have found themselves in such situation because they are putting up with their parents, uncle or even a friend.
Don’t get too excited about such free benefits; this is an opportunity for you to build up all these opportunities into future asset portfolios (your future house portfolio, your future income for domestic expenditure and your future car portfolio).
If you cannot take advantage of an investment opportunity now that you have all these official benefits as young as you are, you may never get anything in future.
Live your life as if there are no official benefits. If you have any official utility in your possession, you must start assuming such fund into a portfolio, just assume you are paying house rent, paying money into your housing investment portfolio, even if it is free lunch from your office like what is done in SPDC, NNPC refinery or you are working in a hotel, restaurant or fast food company and you have access to free lunch – save that money that would have been for lunch and when it has built up enough, turn it into a portfolio. Just check this portfolio out in the next ten years, it could train your kids in the university.

How to build wealth from surplus resources
You have been given transport allowance and due to the closeness of your house to your job point, you will always have surplus. It could be housing allowance or any other allowance and you have surplus after such expenditure. These are portfolio builders, don’t spend or use the for anything or for any reason.
First download or isolate all the demarcations in your pay package, that is all the allowances. Know what you are using them for: this will help arrange your actual expenditure for the month and also enable you direct your fund according to purpose.
Increment in your salary is not an increment in your expenditure. You learn to maintain a constant expenditure while you try to reflect such increment in your investment. Even if you must increase expenditure, let it not be proportional to the rate of increase in your salary so that the balance can also find its way into an investment portfolio in the stock market.
Sometimes, assume that there is no increment in your salary and then turn that increment into an investment that can be pulling money into your storehouse.

Plan for that contributions and saving no matter how big or small don’t waste it
The greatest disappointment in life is when, after the stress through a contribution for one year, you now use two months to exhaust or squander all into a pocket hole investment. You can’t even understand where all the money went to.
You must plan for such money before it gets to your turn to collect the bulk of such cash. Records show that those who plunge such money into savings account, gradually squander it.

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