The Money In Nigerian Retail Market Booms

The Nigerian Retail Market is the highest employer of labour in the country right now and the easiest to participate in. The boom in the market is so massive that Shoprite stores, a South African chain is multiplying it number of stores by 1000%. From seven stores to 700 stores. PEP, another South African children’s’ cloth retail outfit has already invaded Nigeria and they are opening branches in all unimaginable places in Lagos like Ajegunle, Isolo, Egbeda, etc. The IndiansĀ are not left out in outburst as they storm both the online and offline shopping windows with their Jumia, Konga and others franchise owning large ware houses across the country. then big one, SPAR is an international retail chain and franchise in Europe is already coming in full force. Though Nigerians are also in this, but barely scratching the surface and I hope you wont be found by the sideline when the game is up. Yes, on every street you find a retail shop or supper market, but the next generation of cash already brewing from this industry is from online shops and offline chains of stores. The online stores are easier to set up and automated for consistent income, but the chains are multiple and demand more investment, but generates endless streams of cash. which of the two do you prefer? find out more click onĀ

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