How to Produce Black Soap Using Cocoa Pod Ash and Where to Get It by Hope Eno

Black soap is a local Western Africa soap known for its gentility on the skin, it curative ability for skin ailments, correcting and alleviating skin issues, it consists of a naturally-derived emollient combined with the nutrient-rich ashes of native African plant materials. It also consists of local oil, essential oils, herbs or dried plants, flowers and leaves derived from natural sources. It is used on the face, body and hair depending on the user’s needs.
Natural Soap Ingredient and Their Functions
Natural Black Soap is produced from ashes of plants and tree bark ranging from plantain peels and leaves, cocoa pods, palm tree bunch or leaves, back of Shea trees and from Fruity flour seed like camwood locally called the Osun tree.
Natural ash also known as potash is sourced from plant as mentioned earlier. They provide natural base or alkali, especially potassium hydroxide (KOH) that is organic in nature with natural benefit to the skin that is unquantifiable.
It is known to contain macro and micro elements, vitamins, mineral salt that can prevent skin diseases and cure skin anomalies. Apart from correcting the skin naturally, it also helps to keep, maintain or bring back the skin to its natural state. It is also often used as a base for producing many organic soap for bathing, skin lighting, toning and curative issues.
The Cocoa plant Has Uniqueness in It Use for Black Soap
The cocoa pod ash or potash stands in for Lye: (Sodium Hydroxide) in an organic soap ingredient. Lye is an essential ingredient in soap. Lye can also come from wood ash or made from burning scrapes like dried palm branches or bunch, and banana or plantain peels. It is actually the chemical reaction of lye and fats (oleic or palmitic acid) that creates soap. Without lye it is not soap, whether the lye is derieved organically or the lye is obtained chemically. And because of the uniqueness of the cocoa plant’s growing area, it tends to bring certain organic element to the black soap that other ash may not be able to provide. It has a mild potash provision that gives it an advantage to the skin.
Where to Get the Cocoa Pod Ash for Black Soap
Potash made from cocoa pod is grown only in certain places in Nigeria making it a bit difficult to source. You may be producing African Black Soap, cream based black soap, black soap tablet or Shampoo or the popular brand like Dudu Osun, you will need Cocoa pod ash as one of the most essential commodity. In fact, the most popular black soap, the Ghana black soap is made from 100% Cocoa pod ash. To get the Cocoa pod ash call 08023982600
How to Use Cocoa Pod in Black Soap Production
The growing need for organically made soap has made the demand of ingredient like cocoa pod the essential commodity most sorted for.
The diverse function of the cocoa pod ash in modern day skin care products like liquid African black, tablet black soap or Dudu Osun, pasty or creamy black soap and then the mixing of these various soap for other organic products for skin care, skin toning, skin whitening, skin lightening, scar removal, hair care, anti-sunburn agents, product blending, spot removal, pimple, eczema and many more skin problems and issues.
Black Soap is believed to be very useful in Acne, blemishes, excessive oil, Hyperpigmentation, Large Pores, Rosacea, Scars, Undereye Circles, Wrinkles and many other skin-flaws issues
To get this organically generated Cocoa Pod ash ingredient for your commercial Black Soap production, simply call 08023982600 for prices and quantity.
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