Things to Export from Nigeria and How to Export them Abroad for Dollar cash

Simply start analysis how essentials these items are to Nigerians leaving abroad. Item such as Plantain, Plantain flour, Ogbono, Mango seeds, Yam Flour, Snail, Vegetable-Ugwu, Water Leaves, Bitter Leaves,Utazi Leaves, Ewedu Leaves, Tete Leaves, Scent Leaves, Pumpkin/Ugu Leaves, Cassava Leaves, Moi Moi Leaves, Bitter Kola, Kola Nut, Pea Nuts, Okro, Locust Brown Beans,White Beans, Ground Beans, Dried Prawns, Garri, Avacado, Dry Fish, Melon, Jatropha plant, Jatropha Oil, Jatropha Seeds, Pepper-ground, Pepper-fresh/frozen, Pepper-small spicy, Habanero Pepper, Black Pepper, Pepper-bulb(tatase), Plum Tomatoes, Plain Flour, Chilli Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Palm Oil, Fufu Flour, Bean, Bean Flour, Cray Fish, Yam, Fruit-Orange, Mango, Pineapple, Ofada Rice, Spinach, Uha, Smoked Fish, Cucumber, Carrot,Tea,Shea Butter, Honey,Easy Cook Rice, Fufu, Ogi, Poundo Yam, Rice Flour, Stock Fish, Groundnut, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Maggi, Thyme, Curry, Nutmeg, Shawa, Cocoyam, Garden Egg, Beef/Meat, Palm Fruit, Ogiri, Periwinkle, Ehu.
These items have become hot cake in the international market and can make you great number of dollars only if you know how to send them to those who disparately need them. The market for these products is quite huge and the money to be made not in small quantity.
Things to know to start this business
1. Identify exportable foodstuff in Nigeria.
2. Learn Foodstuff export international standards.
3. Foodstuff export procedures.
4. Export documentation for foodstuff.
5. How to start foodstuff export with little capital.
6. Continuous export consultation, Training resources & Certificate of attendance.
7. A to Z of foodstuff export to International markets.
8. How to identify genuine serious buyers.
9. Foodstuff export product quotation and price determination
10. The quality packaging types for foodstuff products.
11. Other methods exporting foodstuff through courier and sea.
12. How to detect and avoid international trade scams and fraudulent buyers.
13. How to source products locally with ease
14. How to get paid by overseas buyers.
15. How to secure foodstuff contracts.
16. Risk management in the foodstuff export business.
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