Things We Do That Destroy Our Smartphones

Since the evolution of technology, android smartphones are often argued to be one among the foremost wonderful invent of this era. They are magical; doing things that were thought not possible few years ago. And as a result, they have become too necessary to the purpose that their importance can’t be overemphasized. However, there are some sure things we do that destroys our smartphones, which we tend to do unknowingly.
However, there are some sure things we tend to do, unknowingly, that destroys our android phones.
1. Overcharging or Draining of Battery
Inasmuch because it is more like a norm, you’re not supposed to wait until the battery of your phone drain totally before charging your phone. Simply place it on standby if you don’t have access to electricity to charge your phone.
On the other hand, overcharging the battery helps in killing the batter which can solely make it weak with time swell up.
It not tough to understand this. Simply think about what happens once you’re filled up but you keep on eating. Exactly, nobody needs to have a swollen battery. This is one of the things we do that destroys our smartphones.
2. Playing Games or Making Calls when Charging
Making use of your phone while charging it is dangerous to your health and your the phone as well. Although it may look like there’s nothing wrong in doing so, it’s really one of the things we do that destroys our smartphones.
Ideally, when charging your android phone, you’re supposed to place it on a cool surface, a tiled floor or something that won’t get hot in time.
3. Putting your Phone Beneath a Pillow while Sleeping
Its okay to be tired and sleepy when using your smartphone in the dark, however putting it beneath your pillow or anywhere on the bed to be precise are often dangerous. Simply turn it off or stand up and place it on a wooden-like table or stand.
There are lots of explosions from android users putting their phone beneath the pillow before or on the bed before sleeping.
This is one regular mistake that ought to be avoided by all means. so as to avoid things we do that destroys our smartphones.
4. Keeping Your Phone All Day
Ideally, you’re supposed to put off your phone before going to bed and switch it back on when you wake. There’s a large distinction between turning off a phone for some time and simply rebooting it.
It is necessary to emphasize that turning off the phone for some time helps clear caches automatically and makes certain subsystems are properly restarted. Additionally, switching it off ought to facilitate with the longevity of the RAM and enable certain diagnostics in addition.
5. Downloading Android Apps from Sites
Statistically, 80% of Android users are shown to be guilty of this. Downloading app files from sites may appear simple and better initially however with time, the repercussion are felt when malware starts invading your android phone.
Yes, these are the Unbelievable Things We Do That Damage Our Smartphones:
• We have Been Charging Our Smartphones Wrong All This Time.
• Do We Really Need 6GB Of RAM On Our Smartphones?
• Some Smartphones cannot overcharge. They are equipped to cut off current when full.
• Would drop phone under pillow in the morning to on phone it won’t on
• please don’t switch off your phone when going to bed for emergency propose. I’ll health, child birth and other unplanned events might make a loved one needing your attention at midnight. Especially car owners.
• I think not having great Apps on our phones is also a letdown. In that light, I recommend you download Q and A App from Google Playstore. All entrepreneur and knowledge seekers should use Q and A App. 99% of the resources on the App are FREE.
• Most smartphones of today make use Li-ion batteries (Lithium Ion)
• Now Lithium ion batteries are known as “”smart batteries” and have a technology that controls their charge and discharge patterns. This means that the battery is designed to stop accepting a charge when it is full and also, the manufacturers also embedded a system which retains a percentage of power in the battery which is non-usable. That’s why you can use a Lithium ion battery till it gets to 1 percent and even leave the phone for years and when you charge it again, that non-usable reserved power jump-starts the charging process without affecting the span of the battery.

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