What Makes Dangote Who He Is Today

Yes his uncle gave him money to start business, but we have seen a lot of folks win millions in lottery what did they do with it
Apart from being the richest man in Africa, Dangote is a “Low Margins Billionaire” getting wealth from selling products that has one of the lowest profit margins in the world like cement, sugar, flour and other consumables. That is the man’s secret to wealth-producing something that people can’t do without no matter the economy. You need millions of any of these products to support Nigeria, a country with highest black population in the world and fastest growth rate in Africa. this the man’s secrets to wealth revealed.
Can you start producing product with low profit, but high turnover? because millions of people are already waiting to buy them from you while you ride home with consistent alert in your account. What are you waiting for. Join Dangote in production business today and smile to the bank as people buy?
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