Why You Should Consider adding Mushroom to your diet

I have said it before and will continue to say it. The Asians live longer because their food is also their medicine. We are yet to get to that point in this part of the world. We are still very much behind.
We eat all kinds of foods that end up causing problems to our system. And we seldom detoxify. This is a major reason why the immune system can become very weak thereby making the body system vulnerable to sickness and diseases.
Eating edible mushroom will not only help to detoxify our body system but it will also help to strengthen the immune system.
Edible mushroom contains many wonderful health benefits, some of them are:
1. Source of vitamins
2. Source of minerals
3. Immune booster
4. Helps to maintain a healthy weight
5. Helps to manage BP
6. Helps to manage diabetes

And lots more…

Edible mushroom is healthy for diabetics too.

Have you tried edible mushroom powder for your soup? The aroma is so inviting. It gives your soup a yummy taste and make it more medicinal.
You can prepare mushroom pepper soup, stew, melon soup, mushroom egg sauce etc
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