How to Get Money to Spend in 2018

Yes, the enjoyment and merriment is over, rather than just sit and wait for the year to roll by it is better you begin to actualize your dreams this years by taking the right actions. The old saying that experience is the best teacher had a burst tire in 2017, but I must tell you that there is no better way to plan or prepare than listen to those who have been bitten by the economic bullets of 2017 are yet are still standing strong enough to entering 2018 bouncing.
In a highly intense session various CEOs and economic experts across several industries looked at Nigeria’s economic direction for 2018. 2018 will be tougher than 2017. The economy recovers in 2018, but 2019 will be a spending year for politic. Inflation will continue to be high (hovering around 30%) and Naira to dollar will remain in the 350s. With money scarcity still looming many more businesses will recover, leading to more job and businesses.
though there will be more money in circulation inflation and high exchange rate will still not allow the banks to be able to give loans and when they do the interest rate will be too high to afford. With this high inflation those with paid salaries are actually earning less
Rice current price in Benin Republic is N10,000 and in Nigeria it is N20,000. “How you want take bring am in self. Abi you want to increase the pot belly custom officials are carrying around like pregnant women”?
More people are depending on others for survival are now on the street more than ever before so even those earning salaries now have more people to take care of.
The experts’ advice:
1. Cash is going to be the King and whoever has it or has access to it should preserve it.
2. Spend less than you earn; saving for the rainy day is impossible as we are in the economic down pour.
3. Cut down on avoidable merriment. Some don’t even have any choice. be happy with little
4. Expect the best for yourself when you focus on the solutions.
5. create multiple streams of income and resources
4. Look for dollar and pounds-earning businesses you can do right now like export of food items, commodities, etc. To start exporting and earn dollars visit
Start producing and selling consumables and household items or must use items, recession or no recession people must bath and eat. Visit for how to produce household items
This Information is for planning and preparation purposes only.
2018 can be your best year ever if you prepare for it,
Thank you

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