Things to Know about Oil and Gas

Exposure of oil and gas marketers strategies and operations both for small , medium enterprises and mega industries!!.
* A must attend for aspiring and existing oil and gas marketers, executive, company representative, career person’s.
* Empowering participates in different oil and gas business options,light petroleum products, heavy petroleum products, crude oil,petrochemicals,oilfields chemical s on both local and international transactions.
*Technology and database oil and gas management (IOT).
* Exposing you to different techniques of doing oil and gas business with out your own capital.
* Specialization and how to sooth for small, big contracts from companies, government locally and internationally(Know how).
* Technical assistance to you as a partner.(to open your own company, services others oil and gas companies or supplies them your service).
* Mentorship, partnership opportunity, specific on oil and gas business projects is necessary if you must succeed

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